Tuesday, July 7, 2009

About Me

Love this hair :))
I introduce myself as Aubrey Monday in the Second Life. I'm an introvert, yet loves to play and have fun. I easily get amused. I have a cynical sense of humor. For now, I am addicted to Fashion Blogging.

First Day
Going back to memory lane on my very first day in SL. I remember I was on the phone with my sister, asking her assistance on how to get register until finally, I am a resident. I remember running around a certain store, here and there, with no AO and totally naked. I have also experienced being bald for the rest of my first week because I have no idea how to look for my hair in my inventory, or wearing a bag on my head instead of rezzing it to the ground. I didn't know it was that embarrassing for some residents who had seen me. 

I had lots of funny experiences as a noob and even up to this day, I am still regarded as a noob. But yes, it took my fancy.

So here goes..
Welcome to my Second Life.

Aubrey Monday
Born April 4, 2009

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