Friday, May 3, 2013

2013 Sand & Sea Expo Starts Today!

Sand & Sea Expo 2013 - {what next Boardwalk Bicycle Rezzer}

Hello Everyone :-) Today starts the first day of Sand & Sea Expo! It's a beach theme event that features location on both above and below the sea. My first landing location was on above where I strolled around riding a mesh bicycle from {what next} Boardwalk Bicycle rezzer. It made it easy for me to stroll around the beach while at the same time having fun. This Bicycle rezzer is just perfect for those who owned Regions in SL as it allows your visitors to rez one with many features on size and colors to choose from. The expo is definitely a stop by and shop for you if you are beach lover as there are a lot of outdoor displays and furniture, even sea waves, mermaid avatars, yachts & rafts just to mention a few that are being featured on 2 regions. Here's a few snapshots I took while I was there.

Sand & Sea Expo 2013 - LISP Bazaar
(Above me trying the outdoors furniture's animation.)

Sand & Sea Expo 2013 - Tuff
(Above are rustic vintage boats created by TUFF. Has a good texture on sailing boats perfect for role playing vintage sims.)

Sand & Sea Expo - Ana_mation
(Ana_mation also features their cool outdoor furniture with nice poses and animations.)

The fun doesn't end there as there's also live music events, parties, and a chance for you to bring home Beachcomber gifts presented by different awesome Designers. What you need to look for is just this Pink Shell below.

Beachcomber Event Poster v2

Here's few shots I took under water were I brought my bicycle with me and then instantly became a Tiger fish! This complete mesh outfit comes with a hover & swim animation by Deep Seas Mer Outfitters. If you are lucky, you can get yours too by just clicking the Pink Shell!

Sand & Sea Expo 2013 - Underwater
(Underwater view, I took my bicycle with me.)

Sand & Sea Expo -  Deep Seas Mer Outfitters
(I got this Tigerfish outfit by Deep Seas Mer Outfitters. It's a creation by Indigo Jashan. You will find more mermaid mesh tails & avatar on her shop underwater.)

Sand & Sea Expo -DS- Ikan Betta - Tigerfish
(I think I'm liking this Tigerfish look. Try clicking on the Pink Shell you may get yours too!)

Visit the 2013 Sand & Sea Expo! The event will run for 4 days only until the 5th. It's definitely worth a visit!

Beach Landing Point Here

Underwater Landing Point Here

What I'm Wearing:

::HH:: Hucci Tropical Wave Bikini - Beach Party

::HH:: Hucci Denim Shorts - Faded

J's flip-flap & Barefoot(Black)