Wednesday, March 31, 2010

|| Easter Gift and New Releases by KHUSH ||

KHUSH - Katie Bikini

KHUSH has just released a sexy swim wear named Katie. They come in all clothing layers and available in many colorful patterns. I'm wearing purple and stripey on my photos.


Khush has also a limited free grab, this sexy mini dress I wear on above photos featured as an Easter Gift. Get yours now =D


Style Card:
Khush Katie Bikini [Purple/Stripey] - NEW
Garage Star Tattoo - NEW

Khush Easter Dress - FREE
*JD Designs* Bangles
*JD Designs* Necklace

NEW! Hucci Bandanza Dress & JD Ankle Boots


House of Hucci has just released a denim corset dress in colored pattern flexi skirts. This dress is perfect for fun and dancing with your partner. There are other 2 colors available for only L$225 each.

Hucci Bandanza Dress

JD Designs also introduced their newly released ankle boots. They feature a leather texture, buckles and a zipper on the side. They also come in many other colors but for today, I wear brown to match with my new brown sugar Majandra hairstyle, a new stylish hair by Exile.

JD Ankle Boots

I wear:
::HH:: Hucci Bandanza Dress - Turquoise - NEW
*JD Designs* Ankle Boots Brown - NEW
Mariposa Aubade Bronze Set - Jade
Mandala Takara bangles/nails/rings

On Body:
FNKY! Angel Sunkissed #05A Glow
Shiki Shapes by Jeckie Hax
(vive9) Vintage Eyes - FREE
Exile Majandra/brownsugar - NEW

Glitterati Poses

Sneak Peek for Pose Fair 2010: AMACCI

Pose Fair 2010: AMACCI

If you are aspiring for an SL model profession, then you just might be interested at this offer. Carina Larsen, creator and store owner of Amacci has prepared new sets of model poses and a posh AO for the upcoming Pose Fair 2010. This AO consists of a 25 model poses and animations, with a useful hud and costs only L$600. The stand poses are static as they are great for modeling and taking photos.

Pose Fair 2010: AMACCI

There are also new model poses that retails at L$75 or get a great deal of fat pack for only L$600 containing of 12 new poses. The Pose Fair is only a few days away and these creators gathered in their aim to help disabled mobility charity.

Pose Fair 2010: AMACCI

Meanwhile, visit Amacci Main Store.

I Wear:
KHUSH - Glitter Bikini Top - Silver
*BOOM* Verie Mini Skirt (Dark Blue)
[Moloko] Lawsonia Tattoo
- .HoD. - Spite Piercing
- .HoD. -Mercenary Necklace - NEW
Mandala Takara bangles/nails/rings
UBU PornStar Lo-Tops

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

|| NEW! Spring Jackets by SOTD ||

 Punk Girl

Luzia Ling, designer of the "Slave of the Dreams" or SOTD Brand has just released a very cool jacket named "Spring Electric." It's one of the few prim made creations that I like because of the elements made almost perfect for my shape. There are other 6 colors available with white being my favorite out of the ones I tried on.

Punk Girl

Personally,  I like this jacket for its rugged but still feminine look.

I wear:
SOTD - spring jacket white - NEW
KHUSH - Glitter Bikini Top - Silver
*BOOM* Verie Mini Skirt (Dark Blue)
[Moloko] Chinese Lyrics Tattoo
[Gos] Burlesque Boots - NEW

Accessories Used:
[Gos] Custom Eyeware v3.3 - INTUITION
*SiSSi* Where are my Glasses (chest)
:Fusion: left hoop bead earrings - Silver
[MANDALA] Takara Nails & Rings

Glitterati Poses

Monday, March 29, 2010

Poise at the Pose Fair [Sneak Peek]


Mojo Skytower, creator and owner of POISE has prepared lots of new, fun and sensual couple poses which will be featured on the upcoming Pose Fair 2010.  I am showing you two of these new poses: "Embrace" and "Forever Yours" of which 25% of these proceeds will benefit the Motivation Charity which helps people with mobility disabilities. There are actually a lot more in store for the Fair including Exclusive Sets of Freebie Poses, so make sure you visit Poise at the Fair.


The Pose Fair 2010 will start soon, on the 2nd day of April and will run through a couple more weeks until the 16th. Meanwhile, you can visit Poise Mainstore HERE.

I wear:
Shiki Dress - Group Gift
I Love Olive Hair
Chuculet Slippers

Hubby Wears:
Shiki Polo -  Group Gift
Shiki Pants

|| NEW! Releases & Group Gifts by Reasonable Desires ||

NEW! Reasonable Desires Cheer Leader! ME =)

I have shifted my passion from blogging to cheerleading, with these newly released "Let's Cheer" outfits by Reasonable Desires. Reminds me of  my high school years... although sexy tops and bikinis wouldn't be an option in school XD. However, I would still love to wear these as "Tease." =)

NEW! Reasonable Desires Cheer Outfits=)

Also, there are new sets of lingeries featured as group and profile pick items in the main store. Reasonable Desire has always been generous in giving quality gifts, so join the group to get at these new gifts.

NEW! Reasonable Desires Group Gifts
[Maeve Lingeries in Black for Profile Pick Reward
White Lingeries set as Group gifts]

[KA] Designs SpringFling Plaid Tops


KA Designs recently released a spring inspired plaid tops. When I tried it on, I fell for the lovely plaid texture right away. I love how designer Redsoledrea Gossipgirl pulled together this lovely top. It comes in all clothing layer and completes in a resizable sculted prim. It also comes with a matching flower corsage, however, the tops and corsages are sold separately. There are other 8 nice plaid patterns available for this lovely top.


Bliensen + Maitai Hair and Accessories are definitely just one of my faves to complete this look. I am your fashionable painter in my newly fave plaid top =D

Visit KA Designs and Bliensen + Maitai

Credits/ Style Card:
[KA] Spring Fling Top - Navy Plaid - NEW
[KA] Spring Fling Corsage - Navy Plaids - NEW
*COCO*_Gift_RuffleSkirt(Lace-Black) - NEW Group Gift

Accessories Used:new
Bliensen + MaiTai - Morning Fog
Bliensen + MaiTai - Fine Arts Paint Brush [Mouth] - NEW

On Body:
-Glam Affair- Sofia Tan skin - make up 3 - NEW
Shiki Shapes by Jeckie Hax
(vive9) Vintage Eyes - FREE
Bliensen + MaiTai Hair - Fine Arts/Black - NEW 

Glitterati Poses

Sunday, March 28, 2010

|| Touche' Newest SKin Line Bria ||


Touche' has recently introduced a beta version from her brand new skin line named Bria. The skin come in 2 versions: clear and freckled on which both has an optional cleavage skin layers. I personally like this skin because it features a young and innocent look =D However, skin maker Treble Freenote is kind and open to comments/ feed backs on her skin, that way to help her improve more on her future creations.


On my visit to her shop, I saw my letter on the lucky chair and won this Pokie Dress XD. Go try out your demo. Visit Touche' main store and perhaps, you might be lucky too.

I wear:
Touche' Bria Medium - NEW
Touche' Pokie Dress - Lucky Chair
Shiki Shapes by Jeckie Hax
Teku-Teku Hair 

Accessories Used:
[GARAGE] Glamour-earrings/ necklace - NEW
*JD Designs* Bracelet Snake Pink 

Glitterati Poses 

Cheap, Cheap Says Mango, Mango! =)

The Spring Bazaar brings you lots of ridiculously awesome cheapies. In this year, Sileny Noel, store owner of Mango Mango, has prepared 4 gorgeous skin sets for only L$50 each set. Apart from that, she too offers 2 dollabie hunt items containing 5 different skins that are split between the 2 hunt eggs. There are also other creators taking place in the hunt with eggs priced from 0 to L$1. Meanwhile, here are the items Mango, mango has prepared for this event.

!MM! Innocent Skins
[!MM! Innocent Skins: pale and tanned tone in both clear and freckled versions. Marked down for only L$50.]

!MM! Dreamsicle Skins
[!MM! Dreamsicle Skins in 3 skin tones: Dark, Pale and Tanned in both clear and freckled versions. All these marked down at a special price of L$50.]

!MM! Silent Skins
[!MM! Silent Skins in black and white tones, 2 of them in red lip shades.]

!MM! Skin Hunt items
[!MM! 5 different Skins settled in 2 Hunt Eggs as dollarbies.]

Come Visit Spring Bazaar now :D

Mango, Mango Main Store

Other Credits:
(vive9) Vintage Eyes - FREE
Shiki Shapes by Jeckie Hax

VIVE9 フリービス

Look For 
this Bags... O.o

The Vive9 Store is closing soon due to some RL Issues. But the store owner, BluAbyss Denimore, is generously giving away 20+ freebie bags containing skins, shapes, eyes, clothing, and even accessories... some were previously unreleased items.


When I read about it in the feed last night, I TP'd and checked the store right away..=)) The lag was kuh-ree-zieee!!! But I guess I was too lucky to get "IN." I took a snap from a far... some residents were getting impatient... I saw many bald headed and there were others who already went naked just to bare with the lag situation XD.

More than 25 FREEBIE BAGS?! o.O

Anyway, there are a few I like in the freebie items. Particularly, I like the face of these 3 unreleased Manon skins. I also love love love the FREE vintage eyessssssss and tote bags!!! =) I was able to grab 26 freebie bags from the sim... and for someone to give away too many stuffs despite some RL problems is really one of a kind. Giving full credits to the owner and hopes you good as well.


Apart from the many freebie bags, all other skins are specially marked down for as low as L$400 and fat packs of L$1000. In this event, I remember the anniversary from Lelook Sim were its really very hard to move once you get in. So just try your luck! :D


I wear:
(vive9) Single Tank Burgundy Shirt - FREE
(vive9) Sig Jacket Burgundy Jacket - FREE
(vive9) Legal Attention [burgundy] Pants - FREE

|| NEW! Releases by MOLOKO ||

NEW! >>> moloko <<< Cut-X Shirt

The Moloko Brand has some new, sexy, and edgy releases. Available in their main store now are these Cut X Shirts. They come in 7 colors of solid and camo patterns. I have always been a fan of their tats as well, and since these shirt comes in a jacket layer, you can wear underlayers of tattoos to give you that tough and sexy looks. Along with the tats, these shirts are perfect for the clubs of SL. Pick up the fat pack and you can join many of the themed contests happen all over the grid.

NEW! >>> moloko <<< Cut-X Shirt
[Above Photos: Moloko Cut-X Shirts]

NEW! >>> moloko <<< Star Mini Dress

Moloko also introduces the new Star mini dresses. They come in all clothing layers and in 2 versions: nylon and fishnet. Add your favorite accessories and tats and your ready to go rock your day. I like this dress for it's simple form with high quality details added. They are available in 8 nice colors.

NEW! >>> moloko <<< Star Mini Dress
[Above Photos: Moloko Star Mini Dresses]

Style Card/ Credits:
Moloko Cut-X Shirts - NEW
Moloko Star Mini Dresses - NEW
Moloko Starlight Tribal Tattoo black
Moloko Face Piercing - Heart at mouth
Moloko Bad Girl Belt
[Gos] Burlesque Boots - NEW
*JD Design* Bracelet - tribal black
*JD Design* Necklace teeth

On Body:
-Glam Affair- Sofia Tan skin - make up 2 - NEW
Shiki Shapes by Jeckie Hax
.:MINA:. Franka Silver Shimmer hair - Profile Pick Gift

|| NEW! BehaviorBody AO Set & 50% OFF SALE ||

Behavior Body AO Hud

BehaviorBody has released 3 New AO Sets! All these with the same base animations for cycle jump, fly, walks, fall, swim for a total of 31 animations, but they differ in the standings.  There are 11 new walks added from elegant to funny walks and each has a cute ways in the standing animations. The new AO hud is also very accessible and easy to use. I'm showing a few snaps I took while using them :D

[BehaviorBody Classic Style AO]

NEW! BehaviorBody - Classic Style  AO V1

The Classic Style set has 17 animated stands, always in the same spot, elegant and perfect with system skirts. They are natural poses and perfect transitions between the stands: 31 animations for walks, turn, jump cycle, swim cycle, fall cycle, fly.

Style Card/ Credits:
-Glam Affair - Sofia Tan skin - make up 6 - NEW
Shiki Shapes by Jeckie Hax
[!SyDS! Hair] Ecce homo/Enchant (Choco)
**Trubble** Saskia dress - NEW
Stiletto Moody Bare Elizabeth (Gold Diamante) v1.26 (sml)
(Dahlinks) Scar Baby Wrapped Black Diamond Back Drop Choker
[ glow ] studio - AF Gold Set - Glasses and Earrings
*JD Designs* BRACELET LACE FLOWER black single

[BehaviorBody Sophisticated AO]

NEW! BehaviorBody - Sophisticated AO V1

This Sophisticated AO has 15 different standings and they have more movements. The avatar changes positions with respect to the starting spot, the animations have a cycle, and at the end of each animations the avatar returns to the starting spot.

Style Card/ Credits:
-Glam Affair- Sofia Tan skin - make up 7 - NEW
Shiki Shapes by Jeckie Hax
*CandyDoll* ReHaMa Hot Dress - Camo
*Ticky Tacky* Shadow Dancer Jewelry Set - Violet
[Gos] Burlesque Boots - NEW

 [BehaviorBody Celeb AO]

NEW! BehaviorBody - Celeb AO V1

This set is full of "suave" moves.  It comes with 15 new and different standings, and is perfect for anyone who wants to see their avatar in a constant movement.

All these standings are animated for 30 seconds in cycle. Meanwhile, there is a Special Discount going on, 50% OFF SALE for all the old AO sets in the store. So hurry visit the store and try out demo =D

Visit BehaviorBody

Style Card/ Credits: 
-Glam Affair - Sofia Tan skin make up 3 - NEW
Shiki Shapes by Jeckie Hax
=u.u= KaWai Ballerine shoes Red- Pig
TIK TOK-Blossom set of earrings and necklace
*chronokit* watch no.26 *Majestio* female 01
*ARGRACE* Baseball Cap -Relaxed ponytail

Saturday, March 27, 2010

|| NEW! Releases by DYN CLothing ||

Kirsty Oherlihy, the gorgeous designer of DYN has made lots of new sexy tops & tees. If you're looking for an everyday top wear to match your wardrobe, look no further XD. She has it all. There are a wide range of color choices and I'm showing you a few of these.

NEW! DYN Make A Statement T-Shirts
Above photo: DYN Make A Statement T-Shirts - NEW
Pants: DYN Patterned Crop Jeans

NEW! DYN Saffron Top
Above Photo: DYN Saffron Tops - NEW
Pants: DYN Patterned Crop Jeans

NEW! DYN Toko Sequin Top
Above Photo: DYN Toko Sequin Top - NEW
They come with an optional prim attachment on the belly part.
Pants: DYN Patterned Crop Jeans

NEW! DYN Kayla Sequin Tops
Above Photo: DYN Kayla Sequin Tops - NEW
Also come with an optional prim belly attachments.
Pants: DYN Patterned Crop Jeans

NEW! DYN Lyla Shirts
Above Photo: DYN Lyla Shirts - NEW
They come in a jacket layer with sculpted collar and arm cuffs.
Pants: DYN Patterned Crop Jeans

NEW! DYN Toko Diamond Tops
Above Photo: DYN Toko Diamond Tops - NEW
Has a Prim belly attachments.

Visit DYN Clothing

Other Credits:
-Glam Affair - Sofia Tan skin make up 3 - NEW
Shiki Shapes by Jeckie Hax
[OH] :::(o_x)::: Oh my Apple- G Hair
UBU Lo-Tops Shoes

Accessories Used:
.:::GARAGE:::. Jewerly set beads "Black Rose"
.:::GARAGE:::. Hairpin on mouth

||SHIKI In The CITY ||


Shiki Design, in cooperation with the Siren Productions, bring you the Spring/Summer collection 2010 to the city streets. Yay! this is going to be soooo exciting. Join us tonight,  March 27th, 2009 at around 6-7pm SL Time for a bit of Shiki in the City!

Shinichi Mathy will show off his new designs in full colors and definitions, with a bit of hip and chic styles for both men and women. He will also be releasing the ENTIRE Collections only for this day. After this event, the new collections will be release in a few pieces at a time over the next several months.  

The only way it could get better, the entire collection will be on sale at a special event pricing of 20% Off. This is a sale you do not want to miss out on! Get your favorite outfits from the runway show at a discount and before they are officially released.

As a special thank you from Shiki, there will be an after party from 7-9pm SL. Mix and mingle with the models from the runway show. Meet Shinichi and his fine staff and enjoy the delicious mix of ultra stylish and hip DJ Rusch Raymaker. Party it up or chill and relax in our swank lounge.

We hope to see everyone for what is sure to be a packed sim tonight, Saturday March 27th, 2009 6-7pm SL for a bit of Shiki in the City!

|| NEW! -Glam Affair- Sofia Skin ||

NEW! -Glam Affair- Sofia Skin-

Glam Affair introduces the beautiful SOFIA. A brand new skin line with a sophisticated looks and character. When I tried it on, I fell for it right away because of the wonderful lines and eyeshadows! Sofia comes in 3 skin tones; [Pale Natural and Tan] with 10 glamorous make-ups. Designer, Aida Ewing surely knows how to make your avi look fabulous as always.

NEW! -Glam Affair- Sofia Tan Skin -Make Up
[Above Photo: NEW! -Glam Affair- Sofia Tan Skin -Make Up]

NEW! -Glam Affair- Sofia Tan Skin -Make Up
[Above Photo: NEW! -Glam Affair- Sofia Tan Skin -Make Up]

 NEW! -Glam Affair- Sofia Natural Skin -Make Up
[Above Photo: NEW! -Glam Affair- Sofia Natural Skin -Make Up]

NEW! -Glam Affair- Sofia Natural Skin -Make Up
[Above Photo: NEW! -Glam Affair- Sofia Natural Skin -Make Up]

NEW! -Glam Affair- Sofia Pale Skin -Make Up
[Above Photo: NEW! -Glam Affair- Sofia Pale Skin -Make Up]

NEW! -Glam Affair- Sofia Pale Skin -Make Up
[Above Photo: NEW! -Glam Affair- Sofia Pale Skin -Make Up]

Visit Glam Affair and try your demo now. 
I'm pretty sure you will all like it!  :D

Style Card/ Credits:
-Glam Affair- Sofia Skin - NEW
-Glam Affair- Stella eyes - NEW
-Glam Affair - Xania Studded Lingerie Red - NEW
ROZOREGALIA Hydra Necklace - NEW
ROZOREGALIA Hydra Handring - NEW 
Shiki Shapes by Jeckie Hax
Maitreya Hair

|| KHUSH! Weekend Special & New Releases ||

KHUSH - PurpleSpring MiniDress (Weekend Special)
[KHUSH - PurpleSpring MiniDress is featured on Weekend Special]

KHUSH is going to have a Weekend Special on which they will be offering a new item for as low as L$69 ONLY. The Weekend Special Sale will begin every Friday Afternoon [SLT] and will go on until Sunday 11:59PM SLT. Purple Spring Mini dress on above photo is the featured item for this week.

NEW! KHUSH - Nicole v2

KHUSH has also released a new version of Nicole. This is the tank top I'm wearing on the above photos. They are available in 10 different colors and come in all clothing layers, in both normal and sheered layers.


I wear:
KHUSH - Nicole v2 Top - NEW
KHUSH - Jeans Sequins Light - Pink
[Gos] Burlesque Boots - NEW
[Gos] - Custom Sunglasses v3.2 BUTTERFLY
TIK TOK-Black Pearl beads - NEW
*JD Designs* Bracelet Zebra [left wrist]
*JD Designs* Bracelet Tribal black [right wrist]
++AY.LinE++ Poplar Hair - Group Gift