Sunday, January 31, 2010

Valentine Day Special Edition 50L Skin by M2M

Yumi Skin by M2M

Minutes to Midnight has these 2 Skins named Yumi in gothic and light tones and they are set as a Valentine Limited Special Edition items for only 50L$. They also carry a shape but on my photo, I wear my own Shiki Shapes. Visit M2M for these nice Skins.

Credits/ Style Card:
[M2M] Yumi Skin Valentine's Day - 50L$ 
Shiki Shapes by Jeckie Hax
*.amato.* eyes hatsuhi-L
DYN Leather chainmail Bodice
Maitreya Sasha - Ash Blond
Glitterati Pose

Spangled Top by E! Apparel

Eclectic Wingtips of E! Apparel never runs out of new releases on fashionable casual wear. I just love how she designed these spangled tops and the colors are just all my faves. These tops come in all clothing layers at a very affordable price of only L$65 each. A fat pack is greatly discounted.

Those Usual Days Fashion
Style Card:
Spangled Top by E! Apparel - NEW 65L$ 
DeeTaleZ Skirts hot mini jeans dirtyblue
Rondo Striped Socks (Purple) by E! Apparel
UBU PornStar Lo-Tops 
- .HoD. - Spite Piercing Special Edition 
Kunstkammer Black Forest Pendant - Black 
Mandala Takara Creme Ring/Nails 
Poses by EverGlow

Spangled Top by E!

At E! Apparel, you are given an option to purchase an item on either copy/mod or transfer permission. Just a great place to shop and buy presents. =D

Visit E! Eclectic Apparel, Mainstore

NEW! Faith Lace Gown by Agnes Finney

Agnes Faith Lace Gown
Agnes Finney of My Precious has introduced her new released Faith Lace floral Gown with a big bow accent at the back. This one also comes with a lacy gloves, just a perfect dress for an elegant evening out.

Faith Lace Gown

Aubrey Wears:
Agnes Faith Lace Gown - New 
Stiletto Moody Bare Katherine (Silver Diamante)

Poses Used:

Gentei Free Dresses

There are a total of six free dresses by Miyabi, that are distributed from the main store, to its different store branches and websites location.

Karakusa Gown
Karakusa Gown in 3 colors - FREE 0L$
You can get them here on the following locations:

Red Gown - FREE Get HERE 
White Gown - FREE Get HERE 
Purple Gown - FREE Get HERE

There are also 2 more colors available that you can get for free on xstreetsl and on the Piggy Buy websites. 

Blue Gown - FREE Get HERE 
Green Gown - FREE Get HERE

Hanashiki Gown
Hanashiki Gown is FREE on the Main Store

Poses Used:

My 1st LOTD Post with a 10L Static Poses =D

There is this new static pose maker, Maretch Waffle, who sells these 3 poses for 10L at the Hyper Culture Store. It's a limited sale so TP HERE and look for that pink box on the front desk of the store. Also for the longest time that I have been blogging, this is the first time that I post for LOTD.  I usually see that on other blogger's post title and even wondered before what it stands for LOL. So here it goes.


Aubrey Wears:
::HH:: Hucci Razor Tank - Honey 
::HH:: Hucci Tweed Skirt - Honey 
E! Apparel Rondo Striped Socks (Yellow) 
UBU PornStar Lo-Tops

- .HoD. - Spite Piercing Special Edition 
- .HoD. - Tiny Jewish Star Polaroid Necklace 
:rama's key bracelet gold 
CaNDy NaiL #000 Basic Nail Plum 
[BUKKA] watch lasta (M)

Shiki Shapes by Jeckie Hax 
*.amato.* eyes mist 01 - FREE 
=TEKUTEKU= cotton hair (sienna)*

V Day New Releases by Agent Orange are Soooo Cute & Also has Humor! XD

Alphabet Bear
Agent Orange has this cute and cuddly Alphabet bear, one is a big rezzable bear, with texture change initials. I have mine A & L which stands for Aubrey and my hubby Liam. These are perfect gift for your love ones on this coming heart season. So make your partner happy with these gifts.

Vday Alphabet bear

Another new is this break up box which contains lover's stuffs and a picture frame customizable so you can put your own photo. And if you're planning to break up soon, this is a funny way to give them back their stuffs.
Break Up Box

All these new items are transferrable and are just perfect for Valentines Day Presents. Visit Agent Orange shop here.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

10L Orange Gown and a Group Gift

WestWorld Outfit - Lemania's Group Gift
Reina/Dulce Hair by Simply Britnee
Glitterati Pose

Orange Gown - 10L Money Fever Item
On Sale for 24hrs and a chance to win 250L$ when 50 item sales is met.

Latest DYN Styles :D

Check on these oozing sexy and fresh releases by DYN Clothings. They come in all clothing layers and has a wide variety of colors availabe. The Papparazzi tops are just one of my faves..XD

DYN Paparazzi Top
DYN Paparazzi Top
DeeTalez Mini Skirt
[OH] :::(o_x)::: Oh my Apple-G Hair
Lazolli Minako Skin
Glitterati Poses

Mariska Tops
Dyn Mariska Tops
Mini Skirt Jeans by DeeTalez
Miel Navy solid Socks
Hairy Situation
Glitterati Poses

DYN Pop Dresses
DYN Pop Dresses
=TEKUTEKU= Cry(cream2)
E! Apparel Rondo Striped Socks
Glitterati Poses

FREE Beautiful SKINs with a Rose Tattoo!!!


Amacci has these new beautiful skin named Felicia with a rose tattoo on both arms and chest in 3 skin tones and they are set as a group gift. Yay! They're all awesome and they look very nice on my Shiki Shapes. They also has a breast enhancer option for a total of 12 SKINS for  FREE 0L$!!!

Other Products Used:
Luck Inc Tank dress
I Love Olive Hair
Eyes by Soul Skin
HoD Spite Piercing

NEW! Sexy Tops from Hollie Pocket and SD Wear Jackets

SD Wears has introduced their latest designs, the SD Ovation jacket I'm wearing on these photos. They come in many solid and print patterns with sculpted collar, arms, belt and cuffs attachments. One color of these new jacket is set as a subsciber's gift item and I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want to miss it.

New jackets by SD Wears and New Tops from hollie Pocket
Style Credit:
SD Wear Ovation Jacket Tanned Skinned - NEW
*Holli Pocket* Twisty top Caramel Delight - NEW
DeeTaleZ Skirts hot mini jeans beige - NEW
E! Apparel Rondo Striped Socks (Black) - NEW
Ubu Porn Star Lo Tops Shoes
Maitreya Chloe Hair - Color changing Knitted Cap

sd wears subscribo gift jacket
 SD Wears Special Red Jacket - Subscription Gift



Holli Pocket has also these new Twisty Tops that comes in all clothing layers and are available in 7 colors so check them out. I'm wearing them on the above photos. Another new is this Peepin Love Tops below. They also carry a prim skirt to make it a sexy mini dress.
Peepin Love Tops

All Poses:
{flowey} poses by Flutter Memel

Accessories Used:
- .HoD. - Spite Piercing
Bukka Watch
Candy Nails

Friday, January 29, 2010

Palm Tree Hammock by Shameless Bits!

Lovers in Hammock

Palm Tree hammock with a cuddle pose by Shameless Bits is the featured item on Midnight Mania Board. This locks down at 350 so hurry GET THIS TP and slap the board. =D

Hey! Look Out Stranger... LOL

Stranger in a strange place LOL

Check on these new terri.tees! As usual, they bring lots of fun and humor at a very low price of L$25 each or you can grab all 22 tee collections for only L$299. All items by terri.tees vary and changes so they can only be available at a limited time. Each day, a dollarbie will also be featured and old tees will soon be retiring. So grab them while you still can. =D

terri-tees [January New Releases]

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Aubreylicious Mini Tube Dresses and other New Releases =D


Yay! Lots of new releases for this week and I am inspired again to do fashion styling esp with these new mini Aubrey Tube Dresses by KHUSH. I must have inspired designer Liess Paine for naming to me their new sexy dress =D. They come in all clothing layers with a prim skirt and there are 6 different patterns you can choose from. Simply gorgeous and sexy and I'm loving my sexy back more.

I love Olive Hair Styles

I Love Olive has also introduced their newly released LULU Hairstyles. Stylish messy short hair designed just the way I like them. I think the color pink is hot! I might wear them often XD. Adjunct has also some new cool scarf, they are texture changing via menu script. Lots of designs and patterns to choose from and they are very easy to use. Check on style credits for more.

Electro Scarf

StyLe Credit:
KHUSH - Aubrey Mini Dresses - NEW 
KHUSH - Tights - Black 
Adjunct - Electro Scarf  - NEW 
>>> moloko <<< Starlight Tribal Tattoo
(SAH) GIRLZ - #124 Casuka Boots
Lulu Blonde -  I Love Olive Hair - NEW

Accessories Used:
- .HoD. - Spite Piercing 
.:Periquita Square Earrings:.
Magically Aluring Skull Armband
.::SM::. Chic Sunglasses Lime
Mandala Takara Bangle/Ring/Nails - Brown Leather

{flowey} poses by Flutter Memel

Herby Loire's Fave Outfit =D

Jackie Outfit

For some stylish outfits, visit Herby Loire's shop. She designs various clothings that I think are perfect for those aspiring models. Like this Jackie outfit I have on, simply fashionable!

10L Money Fever Item and Hopes for Haiti Effort

Lemania Indigo Design has these 2 items in store for you today....


Gold Wedding Gown with shoes - 10L Money Fever Item


Lalique Cocktail with shoes included - Special Sale for Haiti Aid

Poses Used by EverFlow, 50% OFF Sale on Everything in their store until the 29th of this month. Don't Miss It!

TP to Everflow Main Store

Get HOTTiE & Sexy by NMJ's latest Oily Skin

Oily Skin

My friend Junnin Twine, creator of NMJ SKiN is now back with lots of new releases from his humble store :-) One of his creation is this Oily skin FA1. Yay! It's soooo sexy perfect for sun tanning and it looks great on my Shiki Shapes. Also this time, he has 2 lucky boards set up on his store so take a visit and get hottie with this new skin.
NMJ Oily SKin

Retro Bikinis by Shiki Designs

Poses Used:
Ana_mations | Izumiya

Love Hands on Midnight Mania Board by Shameless Bits!

  Snuggled up on these amazing Love Hands Chairs by Shameless Bits! They are featured item on the store's Midnight Mania Board today for 350 slaps so hurry! :D

Thanks to my BFF Jin who did this pose for me yay! LOL

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

NEW! Releases and Thrifty Shopping by E! Eclectic Apparel

E! Eclectic Apparel has so many new and fresh releases. I'm showing you again some of their latest designs. Yay! They're all in good quality with a wide range of colors and are very very much affordable! Like these charmed skirts I have on my photos. They come in both pants and underpants layers with a prim skirt for only L$60 each. Or you get 8 colors, a fat pack for only L$400.

The tops I'm wearing is the newly released "Sally Cover Alls." They feature 2 realistic textured buttons on the front. These tops are available in all clothing layers in many colors for only L$65 each, or a fat pack for only L$500.
Or you can have these sexy and gorgeous Fluer De Lis Corset in all clothings layers for only L$65 each,  L$400 for a fat pack. Great savings!

Also among my favorites are these stylish and colorful SOCKS! Yay! I just love both styles in Rondo or in Roch Messy socks.  They cost only L$50 each!!!  or L$350 for a fat pack!!! It would be a big mistake to miss this one up.

At E! Apparel, you are given an option to purchase an item on either copy/mod or transfer permission. A great place to shop and buy presents. Visit the store now. =D

E! Eclectic Apparel, Mainstore
Owned and designed by the talented Eclectic Wingtips.

Poses Used by Everflow Poses

Group Gifts, Midnight Mania Board & 69L Hump day Gridwide Sale

Credit Style:

[spork] Ashbury dress - group gift
Ingenue :: Dianthus Shoes :: Tangerine - NEW
::: B@R ::: Toy Shop Girl Bag
- .HoD. - Spite Piercing  (Worn On Mouth)
[*StrAg*] Smiley  Accessories set
Mandala Creme Nails & Rings

*ARGRACE* Hunting Chiffon curl - Blonde hair
Glitterati Pose

Lemania Offers....

 Money fever Item by Lemania [Dress with shoes] 10L$
Flowey Pose

60L Sunday Gown with shoes by Lemania
Flowey Pose

Dress with shoes included on Midnight Mania Board
Flowey Pose

Shameless Bits!
Beautiful Tub with a single and a cuddle pose on Wednesday Midnight Mania board by Shameless Bits! Locks down at 999 so hurry! TP HERE =D

This awesome Trellis loaded with many cuddles & romantic animations is on 69L$ Hump Day grid wide sale! Take advantage on this one really nice features.These can stir all those romantic feelings while enjoying them with the ones you love!

7 Chatting animations
26 Cuddle animations
7 Massage animations
2 Threesome cuddle animations

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Moloko's Tats & Piercings =D

Hey guys! Check on these awesome tattoos and piercings by Jolita Korobase of Moloko. The store has a wide range of coolness urban tats and accessories. I'm wearing 3 of their most recent tats and 2 face piercings.

The piercings are kinda interesting because they feature an emo heart and a gothic skully on the lip part and I totally like it! =D

Style Credits:
DeeTalez Wrap Dress
Ubu Porn star Lo Tops
Moloko Piercings & Tats

Lawsonia Tattoo features a gothic flowers with feathers and the likes. These tats come in all clothing layers.

This is one of my fave among them, the chinese lyrics tattoo. The tat almost wrap your skin. This one also come in all clothing layers.

Finally, the starlight tribal. This one has also a colored star version around the belly and they too come in all clothing layers.

Visit Moloko Main Store HERE.

Poses Used:
Izumiya | Glitterati | Flowey | Everflow