Thursday, November 24, 2011

Something Cute & Sweet

Today's look is something cute and sweet. I love my little kid avi so much that I'd refuse to grow up hehe. I was able to pull out my fave sweater and tights to keep me warm in this Fall season.

lotd 2011.11.24

Right here in my planet where I live, its undeniably getting colder esp at night. We would normally reach at about 9-18 degrees in the weather. So this look is just perfect for us who live in the 4 season world.

lotd 2011.11.24

Also you might want to check out on this nicely sculpted belt by Bukka. It's fully packed with a bag, water holder and an ipod. Not only that, it has more magic in it like a personal private skybox rezzer for your dress changing needs. Thumbs up to the idea!

lotd 2011.11.24

If you see me fully packed like a girl scout, but mind you I'm not that heavy in scripts at all. I checked my scripts, I'm at only 2.97 MB of Region RAM. I guarantee that you can freely walk with cuteness and style.

What I am Wearing:

d. Select Tops long winter sweater white snowflakes - New
d. Select Pants wool tights black norway - New
DeeTaleZ Pants summer jeans shorts blue
DeeTalez Armwarmer Black
[BUKKA] DoubleMetalBelt WhiteSnake
Shoes - Pure 1.3 Sneakers
Skin & Shape - NMJ Skin & Shape
Hair - =TEKUTKEU= anne2_side(cream)
[ a.e.meth ] - Tasty Lipgloss (Bubblegum)
Eyes - ::Umedama Holic: KOi-Blue
Poses - Everglow Poses

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Warming Up for the Fall Season

It's time to wear your comfortable sweater for the fall season. D Select has some new releases of comfy winter sweaters and wool tights. I'm wearing one of my favorite color black stripes matched with red tights.

lotd 2011.11.20

As always, this brand name tops the quality and seamless texture design. These sweaters come in a variety of colors and prints. So you have your choices of Mix and Matches, just like my "Look of The Day." Credits are listed below, get yours now!

lotd 2011.11.20

What I'm Wearing:

d. Select Tops long winter sweater black stripes - New
d. Select Pants wool tights red - New
Deetalez Arm Warmer Black
Bliensen + MaiTai - Dawn - Necklace
- .HoD. - Sideswept v2 Piercing - Razor
Boots - Red Poly Slouch Boots - New
Oceane's eyes - Ash_light
Hair - =EkoEko= Shift (black)
DeeTaleZ Skin April natural 3 sun (hairbase)
[ a.e.meth ] - Cat Eyeliner 6
Poses - Everglow Poses

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Little Elf [lotd 11.16.2011]

Okay so, here's how I look like today. Back to becoming the Little Elf. I do miss my elven ears for sure. I have like 5 pairs of them but the ones I'm wearing most is these Elven Ears Sepidie by Plastik. Besides them easy to tint, the scripts are deletable which I prefer because I don't want to contribute to sim lag as I can't bear not being able to move because of heavy scripts.


Although its getting a little bit colder in my RL planet, I still prefer the humid weather so I pulled out my bulky wool sweater and summer jean shorts as they are my fave outdoor wear as well. I love the touch of rainbow color on my top wear, it makes me feel more comfortable.


So I was hanging out with my friend Jun. Told him to pose a little bit for my new LOTD entry. We're both posers on cam, that's one thing we both enjoy doing. So here on the photo shows that I bullied him. Literally, I yelled "Horaaa! You come here and do a pose with me!"


We were actually on a hunt looking out for something. I get frustrated and cried because its like impossible to find that "thing."
Aubrey  :  安いオパールコートみつからないんだよ><
Junnin  :   泣くな!頑張ってさがして!


What I'm Wearing:

d. Select Tops bulky wool sweater rainbow stripes
DeeTaleZ Pants summer jeans shorts blue
DeeTalez Armwarmer Black
Shoes - Pure 1.3 Sneakers
Skin & Shape - NMJ Skin & Shape
Hair - =TEKUTKEU= anne2_side(cream)
[ a.e.meth ] - Tasty Lipgloss (Bubblegum)
Ears - [plastik]-Elven Ears-Sepidie
Eyes - ::Umedama Holic: KOi-Blue
*Tweedle* Juicebox (Mouth Attachment)
Petal Meg Poppy Choker
Poses - Everglow Poses

What Jun is Wearing:

Hair - [ -7R-] Griffin-Hair  Dry earth
Pant - AMERIE -M - Skinnypants_black
Print Tee shirts - Intrigue Co. - Word on the (Sesame) Street shirt
Jacket +grasp+/Fur trim hooded jacket/White/mens
Shoes - ::Maschienenwerk:: Chucks_Grey

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Oh My Woot!

My little shape definitely do not restrict me from looking gorgeous today. I feel so vintage and fancy wrapped in class and cuteness with Woot's new goodness :D

Vintage Look 11.13.2011

I'm particularly admiring the detailed textures and scuplties of these strappy boots and belts I'm wearing by JD of Woot Designs. I can almost smell the leather scent in them, buckles and straps are even more realistic.

Vintage Look 11.13.2011

These boots and belt are easy to adjust as they come in resizeable scripts that can be also deleted. So you need not to worry about getting lag and heavy with the scripts. Also, these are not so expensive, definitely a good buy for quality.

Vintage Look 11.13.2011

So this is how sophisticated my kid avi can be, Woot can't help it! :D

What I'm Wearing:
DeeTaleZ Pants riding overall tweed red
Boots - WOot Boots strappy - New
Belt - WOot Waist- belt oak - New
Eye glasses - =Hal*Hina= glass Red
Dark Mouse Simple Pearls Necklace - White
Dark Mouse Stacked Pearls Bracelet
Donna Flora BICE ring
Digital Eyes * Animated Fan Ribbons Black/White
Hair - CriCri-Bon09-All ver.2
Eyes - ::UmedamaHolic: KOi-Pink
Poses - Everglow Poses

Friday, November 11, 2011

Vintage Fair 2011

To those of you who love the vintage styles, this is your week to shop at the First Annual Vintage Fair which has officially opened today, Nov 11th and will run until Dec 3rd, 2011. This event is collaborated by almost 206 Fashion designers to showcase their best Vintage pieces, mostly exclusive design for this fair only so take advantage :D

Gawk [Vintage Fair 2011]

Talking about vintage, I can actually name some of the popular designers known for this pieces but right now, here's something new. Exclusively made for this event by Gawk is this Black & White Striped Wool Dress. I can pick up the right accessories in a snap. Dark Mouse made it easy for me to complete the look.

Gawk [Vintage Fair 2011]

Visit the Vintage Fair 2011

What I'm Wearing:
Gawk! Black & White Striped Wool Dress  - Exclusive for Vintage Fair
DeeTaleZ Tights nylons tiger grey
Sunglasses - ROLE OPTIC SG-77 Escuda (female)
Accessories - Dark Mouse Found Things Earrings & Necklace
Fan - Digital Eyes * Animated Fan Ribbons Black/White
Hair - CriCri-Bon10-All
Shoes - *COCO*_FlatAnkleBoots (Black)
Poses - Everglow Poses

The Part Time Waiter & Sister Act Effect

Hello :-) Today my friend and I attempt to play a waiter role. Another fun way to dress up and look like one, doesn't have to be expensive. Our outfits come in complete set with accessories, platter with coffee, juice and food dispenser.

Part Time Waiter

While tending the breedable market, we are dressed this way. I even got a compliment from one of  our renters. He says we looked too cute and funny LOL. Our outfits were masterpieces of Milk Hall Fair's Attic designed by a brilliant and generous Japanese named Fair Saeed.

Part Time Waiter

Another design of Fair Saeed that amuses me is this Sister Clothing Set. You can actually feel like Sister Mary Clarence in the Sister Act movie if you try this on hehe. Not a lot could have known where this Milk Hall Fair's Attic is, as it has been closed since 2008. The place serves now as a showroom where every genius masterpieces of Fair Saeed are set 0L$ (totally Free.)

Sister Act

I'd say 5 Stars to all these great work and thank you for your generosity.
Visit Milk Hall Fair's Attic.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sey's Over-All Jumper Style

One thing I certainly missed doing is looking through my wardrobe and dress up. It's been like ages since I've made a make-over by myself and was just recently that I'm inspired again to pull out a new look out of my kiddie avi.


There's just something about the Deetalez prim braces, it totally change and complete the style that I want to project. By the way, I went to check on Deetalez and Sey's Collection and found a lot of discounted clothing items. These 2 designers are just one of my top faves!


What I'm Wearing:

Top - Gawk! Red Baggy Pullover
Jumper - :sey overall-writer jumper =B=
Necklace - :Fusion: Eternal Necklace
Sun Glasses - =u.u= KaWai - Glasses Black
Shoes - Pure 1.3 Sneakers
Eyes - Amacci InSight ~ Eye Sparkle
Hair - Maitreya Sasha - Ash Blond
Skin & Shape - NMJ Skin & Shape
[ a.e.meth ] - Tasty Lipgloss (Bubblegum)
DeeTaleZ Teeth with Braces
Poses - Everglow Poses

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Jun Loves his New Braces!

Once, there was a little young boy who loves to wander around the grid. He used to wander all by himself and along his journey, he met new friends. But although he loves to wander alone, he seem to be having fun and enjoying it.

lotd 2011.11.07

He is dress today like a hip-hop, with prim teeth braces by DeeTalez and carrying a French Loaf paper bag as he loves to eat. Cute Kid isn't he?

lotd 2011.11.07

Jun loves to wear his new braces. It took us less than 5 mins to adjust and fit it in on a kid shape. Looks very realistic and fashionable I must say. The French Loaf paper bag is also fun as it comes with an eating animation which also allows you to share your food.

lotd 2011.11.07

So the little guy enjoys eating his food until a little girl took it away from him LOL. He goes, "Hey wait a minute! That's my food." "Well, can I have a bite? " The little girl replied.

lotd 2011.11.07

Alright. I guess I'm not really good at making stories but this blog is about my buddy's LOTD.  Wanna be cute like him? Follow the Designers' credits below.

lotd 2011.11.07

What Jun is Wearing:

French Loaf paperbag - *- Sakisa Shop [frenchloaf] -*
Teeth - DeeTaleZ Teeth with Braces (New)
Hair - [ -7R-]       Griffin-Hair    Dry earth
Skin - NMJ Skin made by Junnin himself
Pant - :sey overall-more_sit version
Cap - :SEY  *An-visor*(only visor)/11textures
Print Tee shirts - Intrigue Co. - OM(Grover) shirt

Friday, November 4, 2011

Lady Bug Vs Lady Bee

If you were to choose between a Lady Bug and a Lady Bee, what will you be? Personally, I would choose to be a lady bug. Because I like the color red than the yellow (lol) and the lady bug seem to be more friendly than the bees right?

The Lady Bug

But for whatever it is, men would definitely love either of these ladies esp if they are worn as lingeries like these ones I'm wearing by Reasonable Desires. This could just be a perfect way to entice your partner lol.

The Lady Bug

Oh here comes the Lady Bee. My friend personally likes the Bee as he said its a lot more prettier and sexy than the Bug. But hey, you can be both of them. After all they're only 99L$ a set woot!

The Lady Bee

You can go get both these lingeries here:

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Little Mermaid of Nasp Japan

I don't really know if they exist, but I dreamt of becoming one of them. So I went back to Nasp Japan where my friend once brought me to show his sea creation pieces. I've never felt peaceful and magical as I am now as a Mermaid.

The Little Mermaid

Of course, I enjoyed swimming with the turtles and all kinds of fishes under the sea. The feeling made it even more realistic with Fior di Perle mermaid outfit. You should try it out sometimes. Isolate yourself from the crowd and talk to the fishes alone. As you can see, the fishes here listens LOL.

The Little Mermaid

Anyway, I end up reminiscing those days I once was, like doing things I used to do and my passion for photography. And on top of it all, the little Aubrey mermaid misses her blog so much. Gawd I miss blogging! XD.

What I'm Wearing:
Mermaid Outfit - Fior di Perle Angie Mermaid Avatar Pink
Accessories - Amorous : Oceanic
Hair - Jolene Blonde - I LOVE OLIVE
Lipgloss - [ a.e.meth ] - Tasty Lipgloss (Bubblegum)

My Kiddo Buddy

I have been hanging a lot lately with my kiddo buddy Junnin and must have to admit that we had a lot of fun times together. He's actually one of the reason why I refuse to grow up hehe.


One thing we enjoyed doing is dressing up and posing on the camera. As I was looking for new stuffs to wear, I came across Koketka's latest Designs and pulled out a casual look that made him goes "Wow, You look very pretty!" And I'm like, "Wow, you startled me. You don't have to shout it. LOL" So I guess that explains the photos below.

LOTD 11.02.2011

Junnin: そのふくは あなたとてもにあってるよ (Fiercely Admiring Face LOL)
Aubrey: ええ、ほんまに?(Surprised)
Junnin: うん、かわいいよ~ 
Aubrey: ありがとう、このわたしのふくは あたらしい KOKETKA DESIGNS のしょうひんだよ~


So okay, there go two Fashion Lover Buddies. It's good to have someone whom you can share your SL hobbies and the likes right? :-)

What Aubrey is Wearing:
Top - Koketka-Emily dress (light blue) - NEW
Pants - Koketka-Caprice jeans (dirty blue w. stones) - NEW
Accessories - Dark Mouse Victorian Tassel Earrings & Necklace
Face Attachment - CriCri-Bandaid-Type1
Hair - Uw.St  Giselle-Hair  type-B  size-S   brown
Fan - Digital Eyes * Animated Fan Ribbons Black/White
Poses - Everglow Poses - NEW

What Jun is Wearing:
Necklace - UNISEX [MANDALA] SHAMIRA DogTag necklace
Hair - [ -7R-]  Griffin-Hair Dry earth
Boots - [ hoorenbeek ] EarthKeeper - Tan/Beige
Pants - AMERIE M - Cargo pants(Brown)
Print TShirt - +grasp+/graphic#4 print Tee/black+Gray
Poses - Adorkable Poses

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Perfect Boyfriend

Are you looking for a boyfriend? Because if you are, then be my guest hehe. Fresh from the Niramyth grave is this complete Niramyth Skeleton avatar. It is fully customizable so you can play with it even in your kiddie shape. And the best thing about this avatar is it's FREE!

(Niramyth) - Bloody Skeleton

Once again meet my handsome friend Junnin. If you see him walking nearby, don't be shy to say hello. He won't bite! :D

(Niramyth) - Bloody Skeleton

Junnin is wearing:
Niramyth Skeleton avatar - FREE
[ -7R-] Griffin-Hair Dry earth
-RC- Crutches & Cast - ANIMATED


Yay! It's the Halloween. I hope you guys have the scariest and most memorable halloween this year. Anyway, I went to look at what's new with my favorite DeeTalez shop and here's what you can get from the store. New oozing & sexy lingeries that comes in detailed textures and their latest Mell Skin!

New ~ DeeTaleZ Lingerie pink straps

This Mell skin looks so refreshing isn't it? The skin also comes with many "Add On" beauties like moles, eyebrows, eyeliners, lip gloss, cleavage, smiling teeth and even with prim teeth attachments. You have a lot of variations to mix and play with this skin. I personally like this blonde as it looked lovely with my shape.

 New ~ DeeTaleZ MELL SKIN

Visit DeeTaleZ:

I'm Wearing:
DeeTalez Skin Mell BLONDE tan (hairbase)
DeeTaleZ Lingerie pink straps
[Uw.7R] Hinata Hair Gold ocean
(Dahlinks) Louise Brooks Jewelry Set - Vintage broadway
GLITTERATI - The Diamond Room