Sunday, March 7, 2010

NEW! Releases by INGENUE

NEW! Releases by Ingenue

Ingenue has come up with new releases. I'm wearing Tulipe, Pivoine and Liasis. Sometimes I wonder where the gorgeous designer, Betty Doyle got those names. But then, as Ingenue is known for vintage and retro designs, I figured out that it must have come from the past. Tulipe, Pivoine and Liasis are the names of these top, skirts, and shoes I have on, which also come in many nice colors. This kind of dress is suitable for a casual party with friends or for a special date night with your partner. The top is a chic button up piece with nice stitching, lines, and wrinkles laid against the cloth for that soft to the touch look. The skirt is a graduated blossom of fabric. It is these elements that gives this dress its festive appearance.

NEW! Releases by Ingenue

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Style Card:
Top: Ingenue :: Tulipe :: L'eau - NEW
Skirt: Ingenue :: Pivoine :: L'eau - NEW
Shoes: Ingenue :: Liasis :: Teal - NEW

Accessories Used:
AF2010 (Dahlinks) Louise Brooks Dress Ring - NEW
AF2010 (Dahlinks) Louise Brooks Earrings - NEW
AF2010 (Dahlinks) Louise Brooks Ribbon Choker - NEW

On Body:
AF2010 [!SyDS! Hair] It's Me - Cafe with Jewel 
Fior di perle - Liz Pale dark blue makeup pink lips 
Shiki Shapes by Jeckie Hax

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