Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Days of the Dead

Counting off the days of the dead, Dias de los Muertos by Sparkle Skye Designs is the successful marriage of elegance and classic horror.

The dress is blood red blending into black bringing out the potential to go in many directions depending on the hair, skin, and accessories you wear.

The dress also comes with sinfully black feathered wings accented with blood spattered black pearls, spiders, and cobwebs.

A nice grim finishing touch is the black and red flower headpiece featuring tiny skulls. The entire package comes off with a Queen of the Dead feel.

Clothes: Dias de los Muertos from Sparkle Skye Designs

Skin : :: Exodi :: Lily Vamped "Cold Blood"
Eyes: Enraptured Event Tide :: Phases 3 :: Half Moon
Hair: Teku-Teku Tiara Black
Accessories: JCNY Collections

Trick or Treat - Absolutely Free!

Aren't these lovely Pumpkins Cute? I see a unanimous nods. And before you start of to wonder, these lovely pumpkins are just ME on my 3 runway poses lol. It's a cute Pumpkin Avatar of which you can get FREE as a group gift at Curious Kitties. 

The store offers a various of fabulous freebies for this year's halloween. Now I can fly using my magical broomstick that's awesomely designed with a cute black cat hanging on with you to join the whimsical ride. The broom is wickedly animated and lets you fly when you wear it.

Here's more Kittie hats with a little cute pumpkin chain, and the baby black cat in witch orange pointed hat [this cat blinks its eyes every other seconds.] These are all FREE!!! From the Curious Kitties Store's group gift. Oh my Goodies isn't it? Get them all when you can.


Clothes: Fashionity Limited Edition - Scary Pumpkin Varvara [FREE]
Skin : :: Exodi :: Lily Dove (Death Becomes - DkBrow)
Eyes: Enraptured Event Tide :: Phases 2 :: Firts Quarter


Halloween Fever

I bet you didn't even know it, but most probably you already own several Halloween costumes! Checking out my closet.
This is a photo of me and my hubby Liam, thinking he would really look scary on his ninja outfit [LOL.] Okay my outfit, from head to toe, is from Orage Creation's Pumpkin Hunt. Luckily, I was able to chance up and visit the store during the hunt event and voila! I grabbed these goodies.

Bewitched in violet has a furry gathered straws around the neck, sheer flair skirts, sexy tops and a wicked witch pointed hat smartly matched up with orange pumpkin boots. All of these are from the store's pumpkin hunt. I love the boots! It's nicely sculpted and can also be worn on different clothing occassions. The skin is the store's promo 50L only just for this year's Halloween.

Next is my official photo entry for the Cover With Style [CWS] Magazine's month of November Classic FaceCover Competition. Oh I just love competitions! It makes me excited and strives to do my best as a model and photographer. This contest was hosted by the Hollywood Walk of Fame Group by Anrol Anthony. My outfit was perfectly accentuated by Exodi, the Lily Vamped "First Blood" skin and Enraptured Eventide Fire Eyes of Aternia Afterthought.

During the competition, there was a random Q&A about the outfit we wore and why we chose it. "My outfit is consist of sexy bandages that cover me in just the right places to tease the imagination while making me look frightful at the same time. I choose this outfit because I like to play with the contrast between sexy and scary.  Wrapped up tight in bandages I feel like the sexiest mummy ever." - quoted by yours truly, while shaking and almost fainted out to death. Of course, there are more other girls who had the nicest and scariest costumes. The contest theme was Sexy and Scary, and I was one of the lucky top 10 contenders who got "in" for final runway last October 25th.

This GOTHIC outfit, LH_Grievous injury(No Blood) is from the Little Heaven mainstore's luckyboard of Chiko Duell. It's a Japanese store that caters awesomeness of gothic and wicked designs.

Here is my Punk Loli outfit from LoveKitty Store of Precious Mathy. She designs clothings, hair and accessories for both adults and kids avi. This outfit is a package full from top to bottom skirts, stockings, and detailed accessories.

My messy hair is from RedQueen store, you can also avail it at xstreetsl. It was featured promo for only 50L when I bought it. Happy Halloween!

Cosmopolitan Appeal

Draped in a crimson and subtle deep red waterfall fabric is the Harvest Faerie dress by Sparkle Skye's Design. The dress features an understated elegance that exudes a cosmopolitan style.

This comes into different detailed sculpt attachments; from top layer down to the skirts that are perfectly accentuated with combined flowers and woven laces.

The package also includes a set of sculpted wings, that features autumn leaves in red, gold and green shades; a wand, that topped off a rose and ribbons in alternating strips of red and pine green flair;  finally, a harvest faerie wreath of flowers that completes the set.

Sparkle Skye Designs, Main location:

Friday, October 30, 2009

The Elegance and Glamour of Terror

A new design from My Precious of Agnes Finney Fashion and  Alienbear Gupte of Alien Bear Jewelry combinds a distinct glamour of terror for this year's halloween.

The Agnes Fairy Princess Black Dress is a celebration of all that is sexy and dark in the world of fashion. The dress is all black, lacy up top, and made to show off your sexy legs. A dash of party, a lot of sex and pinch of mistress thrown in for good measure. The recipe is naughty and nice just in time for Halloween.

Accessorized with Red Dark Sirvart Necklace and Earrings make things even more dark and sensual. This Jewelry set of Alien Bear's designs strikes a balance between danger and sexuality, featuring ruby red flower gems and a spider resting just over your heart. The contrast is enough to tell them a story about what a complex woman you are.


Geez! I just love halloween.

Clothes: Agnes Fairy Princess Black Dress of Agnes Finney Fashion
Accessories: Dark Red Sirvart Set of Alien Bear Jewelry
Skin: :: Exodi :: Lily Vamped "First Blood"
Eyes: :: Exodi :: Trapped in Amber Eyes

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Wedding

On October 28th, 2009, two soulmates made their ultimate commitment to each other by joining themselves as one in loving matrimony.

On this day, Liam Courier and yours truly became husband and wife in the company of our closest friends and family. The Ocean Front Ceremony was held at 4 AM SLT, meaning that most of the attendees in North America were up well before the roosters had time to see the sun while we, who lives here in Asia were heading into an early evening.

The beach ceremony started slightly late because Mrs. Courier decided to arrive fashionably late, [LOL] which made my Mr. Courier a little bit more nervous on that day.

After that suspenseful few moments, everything was smooth sailing as we exchanged our personal vows infront of Reverend LeShelle at Vesta Amor Ocean Front Venue.

In behalf of my hubby, we would like to thank the Vesta Amor Staff:
Mishi Meili, Amor Seerose, ToTo Thei, SunnieToad Kidd, Reverend LeShelle, Kaejae Truss, and Janu Tamura for making our day special. Thank you also to our friends and family in attendance, and those who were not able but wished to be there.

Happy couple is now living together and plan to honeymoon soon. Looks like cupid hit his target this time.

My Wedding Outfit: The Elegance of Berry White Gown and Veil with Flowers from Exclusiva
Jewelries & Our Wedding Ring:  JCNY - Calla Lily, Hyper-Gems Wedding Rings and Queen Diamond Earrings
Shoes: Maitreya Gold - Esprit Pearl

Monday, October 26, 2009

Enchanted Evening Dress

Another new released for Fall/Winter Collection 2009 from Shiki Design, the Cerulean Dress. This dress is a knock-out sleek fitted dress that has woven texture and combinds the contrast of shapely slender fit, gathered top, and luxurious flared flexi bottom. The dress is perfectly complimented by JCNY Jewelry Collections.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

SHIKI Fall Fashion Show at KMADD

The Shiki Design's Fall Fashion Show at KMADD did go very well. It was an amazing custom made set, that gave us all a journey from traditional japanese style all the way to the city lights of Tokyo. Lights and effects were awesomely detailed.

The Mad Agency and staff did a great deal to make this event successful. This was held yesterday, October 24 at the Kmadd Sim. Shinichi Mathy features his Internatinal Fall and Winter Fashion Designs for 2009.

Here are some of the clothes featured at the show.

The Denim Suit for Men which is available in 5 stylish colors. This is a complete suit with sculpted collar, cuffs and bottom attachments. Can be worn for either formal or semi-casual. Just the right suit for any occassions.

Shiki Down Jacket, perfect for autumn and winter fashion. This goes with fur collar and different prim attachments. This Jacket is also now released in the main store.


The Cardigans. This comes in 2 versions, one in deep plain color and the other in printed texture. This has sculpted sleeves and undershirt layer that adds warmth to your avatar on this season.

The Shiki Coat. This coat comes in 3 shades: brown, indigo and midnight. Created in jacket layer with prim sleeves, collar, bottom and belt.

The Tartan Suit. This goes in complete set with detailed prim attachments. Soon to be released for this year's fall/ winter collection.

The Leather Tokyo Jacket. This Jacket layer has sculpted sleeves, flexi prim bottom and fur collar.

The Sweater in all layer and sculpted prim parts. This sweater has 5 color choices.

Tokyo Night Dress. Definitely one of my favorite with detailed prim parts.

Sheer Ecru dress. An elegant dress' golden hues and woven texture. This captivating look combinds the contrast of the shapely but slender dress fit, the gathered top, and the luxurious flared flexi bottom.

Cocktail Dress with bolero coat for women. This has sculpted collar and skirt attachments. Very sexy and has a dose of class and elegant fashion. This dress is best worn on parties or even on any semi-casual occassions. The cocktail dress is available in 5 eloquent colors.

The Crane Dress in elegant texture with detailed scarf, arm sleeves, belt and skirt attachments.

The Couture Long gown Vermillion. An elegant dress in detailed textures and prim parts.

The Suede Red Coat that has a sculpted bottom, belt and is trimmed in lush flexi fur.

The Oriental Dream Dress in print and different sculpted parts.

The Shiki Design, Main Store Location:

Friday, October 23, 2009

Shiki Designs' Fall Fashion Show

Shiki Designs' is having a Fall Fashion show tomorrow October 24th, Saturday, that will be hosted and presented by MAD Agency. There will be 2 shows available from 10am and 12pm SLT. Join us and come early to make sure you can experience Shinichi Mathy's international fashion designs set against a backdrop that was built to evoke both traditional and contemporary Japanese style.

The Shiki Designs, Fall Fashion Show Venue:

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

You can be a Queen

With JCNY's Queen Diamond Collection Jewelry Set, you definitely get that feeling of a Queen. It has been a priviledge to join the modelfest runway for 5 consecutive weeks now. You too can. It's a great learning experience you will surely have fun as I did.

Couture Dress for Fall Collection '09

The Oriental Dream from Shiki Designs.

Clothes: Shiki Design's Oriental Dream

Hair: TRUTH Hair - Gogo
Shoes: [Decoy] Jully Boots - Cocoa

Friday, October 16, 2009

Congratulations to SN Winners

Finally, the competition is over (lol.) It was definitely a great experience and priviledge to make it that far on SN. Well its actually the first competition I joined on SL that had some Q & A portion. Technically, its all about the store and product endorsing and it was all worth an experience. Congratulations to all the winners. We all did a great job, we are all winners XD.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

SN Spokes Model Competition

The Studio Nails' first ever SpokesModel contest has eliminated 10 finalists to compete on October 16th, Friday. Yours truly is one of the lucky finalists (woot!) Let me invite you all to join us on Oct 16, Friday at the Glance International Agency Runway.

This event is hosted by the Glance International Agency (GIA) and organized by Posh Parties.

Goodluck to all my fellow finalists. Pyper Dollinger/Malika Baily/Katherine Comet/Prodigy Starsider/Julia Brand/Ophelia Caerndow/Violet Batriani/Xine Bing/Ivette Elton

Glance International Agency Runway:

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Shiki Shapes in MHO Hunt '09

Shiki Shapes is one of the participating store in the Second Life's first MEN ONLY Hunt, the Make Him Over Hunt. Jeckie Hax is giving out an awesome teen boy shape that captures the youth and feel of a highschool football player.

The MHOH starts on Oct 15 and ends on November 15, 2009. Dont miss your chance on this awesome teen shape. Goodluck to all Hunters :-)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

JCNY Runway ShowCase - 10/11/2009

On formal theme, yours' truly is in Black Kuroneko Dress from Shiki Designs. This dress has a flexi fur shoulder trim in a diamond patterned old gold lines and a smart curve hugging skirt. The dress is perfectly complimented by JCNY Empress Diamond Earings, Saryh Diamond Nose ring, and a Diamond Cocktail ring.

JCNY Runway ShowCase - 10/11/2009
(Click Photo for details.)

JCNY Runway ShowCase - 10/11/2009
(Click Photo for details.)

On casual, yours' truly is in mint long sleeved shirt and midnight blue jeans, both from Shiki Designs. This polo shirt has crafted prim collar and cuffs attachments. Suede boots from Pixel Mode and a tote bag from JCNY Collections.


JCNY Runway ShowCase - 10/11/2009
(Click Photo for details.)

JCNY Runway ShowCase - 10/11/2009
 (Click Photo for details.)