Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hello Autumn! =D

Hello Autumn!

 It's time for us to wear our warm sweaters and trench coats for the coming fall season. If you're looking for a good shop with quality in one package, you gotta check out Eclectic Apparel. They have a couple new releases to kick off the shopping season. In my photos, I'm wearing a trench coat and daringly sweater with a low cut loose collar perfect for adding spice as you keep warm in the cooler months of the year.

New @e!

 Above: Pea Trenchcoat (Olive) - New; Daringly Sweater (Latte) - New

The new Pea Trench Coat comes in 8 colors while Daringly Sweaters come in 14 colors. You can purchase them as singles or in the fat pack at a heavy discount.

 Visit E! Apparel

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Cat Lady =P (lotd11.21.2010)

Weeee I'm so inspired to style up again. Could have been from these designers who keep on sending review items. Many thanks!!! However, I can only do random blog on stuffs that I like to wear on a particular day. Anyway, do you notice my new look? eheh..

lotd 11.21.2010

As always, my inventory is a huge mess so these are just random picks! Let's start with the new hairstyles by Carina Larsen. There are actually lots of new released for the past weeks. Today, I'm wearing one of my faves; the Amacci Hair Mika ~ Natural Brown color. I like the long shaggy style that matches so well with the new look in my face LOL! Oh it's been ages since I went to shop or visit a place. Thanks to Sandro Fratica (co-owner of Inaya Skin) who left a message to check 'em out. Guess what? This skin has really caught my attention coz its FREE!!! Wooohoo I look gorgeous don't I? =P

lotd 11.21.2010

Haven't you known that there are also new makeups in tattoo layer based? They really help a lot in improving your looks. Just like this new Cat Eyeliners & EyeShadows by [a.e.meth.] A good buy for only 100L fatpack consists of 6 Cat Eyeliners with shadows that you can play along with your gorgeous skin. I didn't even have to wear my prim lashes anymore. I am so lovin' this new look in me!!! =P

lotd 11.21.2010

Lastly, the poses for posers like me... the ADORKABLE Poses! Adorkable Peapod has 3 new dork packs - the Bag Lady, Pencil & Poofy. Each Dork packs has 10 poses which also includes mirrored poses!!! You gotta get, get, get them all! =P

What I'm Wearing:
::HH:: Hucci Lace Dress - Rose Dust
Bliensen + MaiTai - Nyoka Accessory Set
Bliensen + MaiTai - Midnight Sun - Pumps

On Body:
[Inaya] Skin :::::shooting star::::: (Group Gift) 
AM Rinna Shape - Available only on Marketplace (New) 
[ a.e.meth ] - Cat Eyeliner 6 (New)
Amacci Hair Mika ~ Natural Brown (New)
Amacci Real Eyes ~ Brown & Green Big
Amacci InSight ~ Eye Sparkle

Poses Used:

Friday, November 12, 2010

Updatessss: Prim & Pixel

OMG its been ages again since my last post! LOL. I need to get a long updating on my blog. Anyway, pardon my being idle for too long; but since the summer is over, I think I'll have more time to blog now than before. Thanks to all designers who have been patient and continue to send review items despite my hectic schedules.

Prim & Pixel Ad-Holiday-Hostess_Gown1

Okay quick update... I'm still with the breedables lol. I know, I know its crazy but I'm really having fun. It's like everyday's a holiday, just like this featured gown I'm wearing by Prim & Pixel. Oh you gotta check on this dress. I love the textures and layers made they are very realistic.

Prim & Pixel Ad-Holiday-Hostess_Gown2

Just so you know, that this Holiday Package consist of a mother and child outfits. So if you are in a RP of a happy family in SL, this is a good treat for a mom and daughter esp this coming holiday!

You can also visit Prim & Pixel at the Winter Holiday Village HERE.

Style Card/ Credits:

Prim & Pixel Holiday-Hostess_Gowns (NEW) 
Amacci Hair Queenie ~ Hazelnut (NEW
EverGlow Poses

Sunday, August 29, 2010

DEETALEZ (Latest Fashion Releases)

DeeTalez is out with new fashion releases this week. I had the chance to check on them last night before I went to sleep, and as always, I love them all! Steffi Villota never fails to make her clothings very detailed, crisp and stylish. All new from the store are these lady dress laces, tasty butt jeans, and Babydoll tops. There are lots of colors and prints to choose from and are available in almost all clothing layers.

DeeTaleZ Dresses ladies lace rose, skulls blue, skulls pink

Above: DeeTaleZ Dresses ladies lace rose (NEW); DeeTaleZ Dresses ladies lace skulls blue (NEW); DeeTaleZ Dresses ladies lace skulls pink (NEW); DeeTaleZ Pants tasty Butt Jeans lightblue (NEW); UBU Porn Star Lo-Tops; JD Designs Kisses Accessories (NEW); JD Black Nails STuds; HOD Agony Razor Piercings (NEW); TEKU-TEKU Hair; ASKA Shape; DeeTalez Skin; Poses used by Everglow Poses

DeeTaleZ Tops babydoll blue dots

I was also inspired to accessorize with JD Designs Kisses Accessories. A complete set from earrings, necklace and bracelets. I'm always a fan of JD's Accessories, they're very detail and expressive! So I kinda feel a little EMO in my photo. Perhaps, I was wondering what else I have missed in the Fashion world... or perhaps, I was thinking about my frustrations in RL for getting in between with my SL.. or could be the crazy bunny market that's been eating all our prims, my SL time and lindens LOL.

Liam says.. "NO MORE BUNNY FARMING!" lol

Liam finally had had enough.... and yells at me to stop these bunny farming! =) We yelled back at each other and say "Okay.. okay.. This has to STOP!" LMAO. By the way, I am loving this aDORKable Down on the Farm Pose prop. This can accumulate 3 Avatars and is sure a fun to make poses with friends. This and among other nice poses made by Adorkable Peapod are new and to be featured at Shoe Fair.

DeeTaleZ Tops babydoll blue dots & Tasty Butt Blue jeans

So here goes my LOTD. I love, love, love the DeeTalez Fashion.

HUCCI Lingeries

Hello again Beautiful People! Today I will show you five lingeries I liked by Hucci.  I decided to let hubby in to watch me try them on but he was no real help in describing them at all as he did was sit and stare. I guess that's what they're for though right?

HUCCI Fishnet Body Suit

Above, I wear Hucci's fishnet bodysuit.
A very sexy way to capture your partners attention.


 Another creation from the fishnet family is this fishnet bra, panty, and garter belt set. This one is just begging to take part in a private dance for your special someone don't you think?


I also like the lacy shelf bra which gives you the alluring support you need. This is available in  3 delicious colors. I'm wearing a wild pink color in my photo.


Next you can play peek-a-boo with this outfit, available in 3 colors that are sure to lead to a night of passion.

HUCCI Booty Panties

Ok and on this one I just love the name. Above, I wear a Diamond Booty Panties! Rolls off the tongue doesn't it ? They are available in 11 colors so it's sure that you'll find a few that you will like.


And last we have the letter Z, or at least something that starts with Z. A Zebra print slip with sheer sides and your choice of red or pink trim. Of all of the outfits this one looks like it just might be the best for running from a "hungry" partner.

Head over to Hucci to check these out.

Above Photos, I Also Wear:
- .HoD. - Bump In The Night - Slide (NEW); - .HoD. - Fallen - NECKLACE Womens Fit (NEW); - .HoD. - Lust Nipple Rings - Onyx - Female; Bliensen + MaiTai - Midnight Sun - Earrings;  *[MANDALA]Takara Nail/ Brown /L Bright (Hand size 20); Amacci ~ Eyelashes "Allure";  Amacci Real Eyes ~ Golden Green Big; Hair by -dD- Mira -; *Linc* Wraps Tattoo; DeeTalez Skin; ASKA Shape

Poses Used by:

- H . O . D - Twisted Piercings

Yay I'm BACK! So sorry for the long idleness and not updating guys. I sooo missed you ALL (XD) and of course, I so missed the blogging. I have here new stuffs by Haus of Darcy inspired by the upcoming Twisted Hunt, "The Twisted Piercing Pack." This will be sold as a fatpack for a limited time at this location.


Above: - .HoD. - Bump In The Night - Slide (NEW); - .HoD. - Fallen - NECKLACE Womens Fit (NEW); - .HoD. - Lust Nipple Rings - Onyx - Female; Bliensen + MaiTai - Midnight Sun - Earrings;  *[MANDALA]Takara Nail/ Brown /L Bright (Hand size 20); Amacci ~ Eyelashes "Allure";  Amacci Real Eyes ~ Golden Green Big; Hair by -dD- Mira -; *Linc* Wraps Tattoo; ::HH:: Hucci Lace Shelf Bra Set - Wild Pink; DeeTalez Skin; ASKA Shape

HOD Twisted Piercings

Above: Twisted Piercing Pack (A Fat Pack includes Agony Razor, Bolted Silver Lining and Bump in the Night Piercing sets.)

So if you like piercings and edgy fashion, you can't go wrong at HOD.
Visit - H. O. D - Main Store

Buy the Twisted fat pack HERE
(Limited Time Offer)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Urbanista Sporty Jerseys

*Urbanista* Sporty - red

 I'm wearing a sporty and sexy red jersey by Urbanista. This is a newly released that comes in all clothing layers with a primtastic top for a more enhanced look. I like it a lot as details and shadows are all noted. Get yours now at Urbanista.

Visit Urbanista

What I'm Wearing:

*Urbanista* Sporty - red (New) 
Maitreya Chloe - Cacao
JD Nails Black Studs
Hep C Chew Necklace
Amacci eyes and lashes

Thursday, July 22, 2010


::HH:: Hucci Menage a Trois - Lime

This is not sooo me!!! Sometimes I hate RL when they interfere on my SL. But nothing can stop me from blogging new releases :D HUCCI has a very sexy versatile dress named Menage a Trois. In this package, you are given an option to wear them in 3 styles. This a good deal package rolled into one. Menage a Trois comes in all clothing layers with different prim attachments. I'm wearing lime and blue colors on my photos.

::HH:: Hucci Menage a Trois - Lime

Above: ::HH:: Hucci Menage a Trois - Lime

Above dress is one of my faves among the 3 options. 
Get yours now at HUCCI :)

::HH:: Hucci Menage a Trois - Blue

What I'm Wearing:

::HH:: Hucci Menage a Trois (NEW)
Stiletto Moody Bare Fay (Wild Set)
JD Bangles
Maitreya Hair

Everglow Poses

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Buy My Cute Bunnies <3

 I'm having a CLEARANCE SALE on Live & NESTS.. Everything for 50L ONLY!!  I also have warren nests that will get you a chance to new fur and shades for ONLY 100L!!! Have A LOOK!

 Come visit us at the Vegas Meadows

Prices are negotiable. IM me (Aubrey Monday) or send a note card 
and let me know with all your offers :D

Summer of Love Fair (TIK TOK and AMACCI)

TIK TOK and AMACCI are both participating in the Summer of LOVE Fair. This is an ongoing event which has started a few days until the first week of August. You can get these items at a very discounted amount so don't miss this event.

TIK TOK & AMACCI (Summer of Love 

Above: TIK TOK Stella-2-STan-Missing you; Amacci Earrings ~ Thorn IV - Black Titanium; Amacci Necklace ~ Thorn I - Black Titanium

For TIK TOK,  Miah McAuley has prepared new shades and make-ups on her newly released Stella Skins which will be exclusively featured on SOL. They come in 4 skin tones (fair, medium, dark and suntan) with 5 gorgeous make ups. Including a very dramatic teary make up.

TIK TOK & AMACCI (Summer of Love Fair)

Above: TIK TOK Stella-2-STan-cl-freckles; Amacci Earrings ~ Thorn IV - Black Titanium; Amacci Necklace ~ Thorn I - Black Titanium

AMACCI also has a beautiful jewelry set that are menu scripted for color change. These jewelries are transfer and modify permissible which makes perfect for presents to your loveones or friends. So to you males out there, buy your partners these jewelries and they'll sure be very happy to receive one. Meanwhile, here are the different skin tones and make ups featured at the Summer of Love Fair.
SOL fair-TIK TOK-Stella-2 skin (Medium)

Above: SOL fair-TIK TOK-Stella-2 skin (Pale); Amacci Earrings ~ Thorn IV - Black Titanium; Amacci Necklace ~ Thorn I - Black Titanium

SOL fair-TIK TOK-Stella-2 skin (Medium)

Above: SOL fair-TIK TOK-Stella-2 skin (Medium); Amacci Earrings ~ Thorn IV - Black Titanium; Amacci Necklace ~ Thorn I - Black Titanium

 SOL fair-TIK TOK-Stella-2 skin (Dark)

Above: SOL fair-TIK TOK-Stella-2 skin (Dark); Amacci Earrings ~ Thorn IV - Black Titanium; Amacci Necklace ~ Thorn I - Black Titanium

SOL fair-TIK TOK-Stella-2 skin (Suntan)

Above: SOL fair-TIK TOK-Stella-2 skin (Suntan) ;Amacci Earrings ~ Thorn IV - Black Titanium; Amacci Necklace ~ Thorn I - Black Titanium

Here's TAXI to Summer of Love Fair

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hey! Meet this gorgeous lady Stella :D

Tiktok Stella-STan-cl-silver
Above: TIK TOK Stella-STan-cl-silver

It's a beautiful week and today, I introduce to you Tik Tok's latest released skin named Stella. Obviously, it's a very gorgeous skin with a girly sophisticated look. Miah McAuley has been working really hard and she never fails on surprising us with her new releases. I'm so lovin' this! Stella comes in 4 skin tones (pale, medium, dark, suntan) and 5 stunning makeups. You also have the option of wearing normal and enhanced versions for your breasts. On the darker skin tone like the picture above and with the shape I used, Liam says that the skin reminds him a bit of the famous model Iman XD. Here are the rest of the beautiful tones and make ups.

TIK TOK-Stella-Light Pack

Above: TIK TOK-Stella-Pale Pack

TIK TOK-Stella-Medium Pack

Above: TIK TOK-Stella-Medium Pack

TIK TOK-Stella-SunTan Pack

Above: TIK TOK-Stella-Suntan Pack

TIK TOK-Stella-Dark Pack

Above: TIK TOK-Stella-Dark Pack

Miah McAuley has also been very generous to her store group members. There is a special make up in medium tone that you can grab FREE if you join the store group. The group gift skin is also available in both normal and breast enhanced versions.

Tiktok Stella-medium-Group Gift

Above: Tiktok Stella-medium-Group Gift


Other Credits:
Aska Shape
Amacci  Real Eyes ~ Sky Blue
Amacci ~ Eyelashes "Allure"

Saturday, July 17, 2010

DEETALEZ (New Items)

DeeTaleZ Tops light summer jacket

Hi ALL! It's been awhile since I last post. I apologized for not updating due to RL busy schedules. Anyway, I'm so glad that its finally Saturday and I am able to share with you new releases from most of my fave designers. Today, I wear DeeTalez new Light Summer Jackets that also come with a stylish prim belts. I certainly love this new style and you can pair them with any skirts, jeans or even business pants to go formal or semi casual at your best summer look.

DeeTaleZ Tops light summer jacket

 You can also get new DeeTalez business pants that comes with leg prim cuffs for better enhanced look. On my photo, I wear business pants black cotton. You can also get a high waisted style with this or the business pants with open high waist.


Poses Used:

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hucci & Amacci (New Items)

::HH:: Hucci Beach Diva (White Multi)

Above: Hucci Beach Diva - White Multi (New)

Hucci has an adorable and sophisticated beach diva dresses. It's a sexy low cut, strapless top with a flowing layered skirts. These are available in 3 pretty patterns and are just perfect for this summer!

::HH:: Hucci Beach Diva (Balck Multi)

 Above: Hucci Beach Diva - Black Multi (New)

::HH:: Hucci Belle Skirts - Tropical/ Pattern

 Above: Hucci Belle Skirts - Tropical/ Pattern (New); Hucci Belle Tube Top

You can also pick up these flexi low rise Belle skirts that suits well for any tube or sexy tank tops. They matches so well with Hucci Belle Tops! These are available in both tropical and patterned colors.

Amacci New Hairstyles (Cora, Courinne, Coleen)

 Above: Amacci Newly Released Hairstyles 
(Cora - Natural Brown; Courinne - Onyx;  Coleen - Mahogany)
Amacci also has released 3 glamorous hairstyles that come with a changing color head scarf. I like the shag shoulder length style as well as the long ones without the bangs. There's lots of colors to choose from. Try out demo, its FREE!


Accessories Used:
Petal Meg Poppy Choker - Lucky Chair
:rama's bangles
:Fusion: hoop bead earrings (Silver)
Mandala Takara nails/rings 

On Body:
Amacci Skin ~ Helen (Fresh BL) - 01 Natural - HB
Amacci Real Eyes ~ Joy
Amacci ~ Eyelashes "Allure"

Glam Affair at the Dressing Room

Glam Affair Studded Xenia

Glam Affair offers this studded Xania bikini in blue at the Dressing Room for only 50L!!! This is especially reduced so don't miss on this chance.

Glam Affair at the Dressing Room

Glam Affair Mainstore

What I Wear:
-Glam Affair - Xania (50L at Dressing Room)
.::Secret Hair::. Iris - Charcoal
DeeTalez Skin April Dark Brown
Aska Shape (Namiko Shape)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

CandyDoll New Releases

 Candy Doll

CandyDoll has recently released a summery tanks named Laceme and sexy mini Jinny Skirts. I'm so lovin' all the colors and the skirts pattern are all cute! They also come in all layers you'll surely goin' to love to wear these.

Candy Doll Jinny SKirt and Laceme tanks 

What I'm Wearing:

*CandyDoll* Laceme Tank top (New)
*CandyDoll* Jinny Skirts (New)
2REAL Pure Sneakers
=EkoEko= hair stan (gray)
Dark Mouse Wood Earrings
Mariposa: Bangles Animosity - Silver

Friday, July 9, 2010



 Hello ALL :D I'm having my first 50L SALE on selective bunnies (live and nests.) Some of these are harlequins, choco magpie, gem eyes, recessive traits, lop ears, radiant, silky, classic, amber, aphotic, mini rex, 100% love and ready to have a baby and a lot more. Come by, take a look and take home one :)

This is EWOK.. :D

Meanwhile, I have a cutie new born that I named EWOK :D

 EWOK; Male Age: 0; Gens Left: 15*; Fur: Havana Black; Eyes: Garnet; Ears: Half-a-Lop; Shade: Silky; (Parents) Mother: RAKI; Father: Mr WHITE

 Come visit us at the Vegas Meadows

Prices are negotiable. IM me (Aubrey Monday) or send a note card 
and let me know with all your offers :D

NEW! Phoenix Rising Lingerie Set 2

-Phoenix Rising-Queen (Grass)

Above: -Phoenix Rising-Queen (Grass)

Phoenix Rising is turning up the heat in our bedrooms again with new lingeries. There are lots! All are beautifully draped and perfect fitting for framing the female body.  Each pieces has a complete different style that is a well textured with classic sexy bodice and garter belt combination. These lingerie are inviting and will tease your partner as if they are under your spell. I think the appeal is that it takes this iconic look and marries it to the person who is most dear in your partner's eyes. You'll feel elegant and ready for your special evening when you wear these lingeries. Either way, you'll have a great experience with Phoenix Rising.

Phoenix Rising Lingerie Set 2
Above: -Phoenix Rising-Lust (Magenta); -Phoenix Rising-Lust (Emerald); -Phoenix Rising-Envy (Mint) - ALL NEW

 Phoenix Rising Lingerie Set 2

Above: -Phoenix Rising-Queen (Black); -Phoenix Rising- Taunt (Pink); -Phoenix Rising- Sin (Forest) - ALL NEW

Phoenix Rising Lingerie Set 2

Above: -Phoenix Rising-Envy (Lilac); -Phoenix Rising- Impression (Rose); -Phoenix Rising- Sin (Magenta) - ALL NEW