Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hello Autumn! =D

Hello Autumn!

 It's time for us to wear our warm sweaters and trench coats for the coming fall season. If you're looking for a good shop with quality in one package, you gotta check out Eclectic Apparel. They have a couple new releases to kick off the shopping season. In my photos, I'm wearing a trench coat and daringly sweater with a low cut loose collar perfect for adding spice as you keep warm in the cooler months of the year.

New @e!

 Above: Pea Trenchcoat (Olive) - New; Daringly Sweater (Latte) - New

The new Pea Trench Coat comes in 8 colors while Daringly Sweaters come in 14 colors. You can purchase them as singles or in the fat pack at a heavy discount.

 Visit E! Apparel

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Cat Lady =P (lotd11.21.2010)

Weeee I'm so inspired to style up again. Could have been from these designers who keep on sending review items. Many thanks!!! However, I can only do random blog on stuffs that I like to wear on a particular day. Anyway, do you notice my new look? eheh..

lotd 11.21.2010

As always, my inventory is a huge mess so these are just random picks! Let's start with the new hairstyles by Carina Larsen. There are actually lots of new released for the past weeks. Today, I'm wearing one of my faves; the Amacci Hair Mika ~ Natural Brown color. I like the long shaggy style that matches so well with the new look in my face LOL! Oh it's been ages since I went to shop or visit a place. Thanks to Sandro Fratica (co-owner of Inaya Skin) who left a message to check 'em out. Guess what? This skin has really caught my attention coz its FREE!!! Wooohoo I look gorgeous don't I? =P

lotd 11.21.2010

Haven't you known that there are also new makeups in tattoo layer based? They really help a lot in improving your looks. Just like this new Cat Eyeliners & EyeShadows by [a.e.meth.] A good buy for only 100L fatpack consists of 6 Cat Eyeliners with shadows that you can play along with your gorgeous skin. I didn't even have to wear my prim lashes anymore. I am so lovin' this new look in me!!! =P

lotd 11.21.2010

Lastly, the poses for posers like me... the ADORKABLE Poses! Adorkable Peapod has 3 new dork packs - the Bag Lady, Pencil & Poofy. Each Dork packs has 10 poses which also includes mirrored poses!!! You gotta get, get, get them all! =P

What I'm Wearing:
::HH:: Hucci Lace Dress - Rose Dust
Bliensen + MaiTai - Nyoka Accessory Set
Bliensen + MaiTai - Midnight Sun - Pumps

On Body:
[Inaya] Skin :::::shooting star::::: (Group Gift) 
AM Rinna Shape - Available only on Marketplace (New) 
[ a.e.meth ] - Cat Eyeliner 6 (New)
Amacci Hair Mika ~ Natural Brown (New)
Amacci Real Eyes ~ Brown & Green Big
Amacci InSight ~ Eye Sparkle

Poses Used:

Friday, November 12, 2010

Updatessss: Prim & Pixel

OMG its been ages again since my last post! LOL. I need to get a long updating on my blog. Anyway, pardon my being idle for too long; but since the summer is over, I think I'll have more time to blog now than before. Thanks to all designers who have been patient and continue to send review items despite my hectic schedules.

Prim & Pixel Ad-Holiday-Hostess_Gown1

Okay quick update... I'm still with the breedables lol. I know, I know its crazy but I'm really having fun. It's like everyday's a holiday, just like this featured gown I'm wearing by Prim & Pixel. Oh you gotta check on this dress. I love the textures and layers made they are very realistic.

Prim & Pixel Ad-Holiday-Hostess_Gown2

Just so you know, that this Holiday Package consist of a mother and child outfits. So if you are in a RP of a happy family in SL, this is a good treat for a mom and daughter esp this coming holiday!

You can also visit Prim & Pixel at the Winter Holiday Village HERE.

Style Card/ Credits:

Prim & Pixel Holiday-Hostess_Gowns (NEW) 
Amacci Hair Queenie ~ Hazelnut (NEW
EverGlow Poses