Saturday, June 25, 2016

A Week Left on TLC Event...

a glimpse of the bathroom...
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Hello Guys! You have a week left to shop at these discounted bathroom furniture set by Dysfunctionality Designs. These pieces are being offered at The Liason Collaborative event which ends this month. All of these pieces are of 1 Land Impact with great animation on the sink and toilet. You can't go wrong on this set especially when you are trying to save prims. :D

* [DDD] Newport Bathroom Set (by Anke Hatchuk) - New!! @ TLC until June 30th
* [DDD] Newport Rope Mirror (1LI)
* [DDD] Newport Sink (1LI)
* [DDD] Newport Toilet (1LI)
* [DDD] Newport Lighthouse Shelf (1LI)
* [DDD] Newport Wall Decor (Octopus) (by Anke Hatchuk)
*Shabby Tabby* Country Time Plant (by Rosemaery Lorefield) - New!! @ The Instruments until June 25th
!! Follow US !! Vintage bathtub (by Laurent83 Waco
!! Follow US !! Ground towel (by Laurent83 Waco)
!! Follow US !! Safety dog with pants (by Laurent83 Waco
hive // valentine's laundry basket (by TheHiveStore Resident)

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