Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Shabby Tabby - LTD & The Instruments Event

Shabby Tabby - LTD & The Instruments Event
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Hello Lovelies! It's been a while since I last posted here. RL has been very busy lately but today, I have some lovely low prim furniture and summer themed decor by Shabby Tabby. These furniture pieces can be used indoors or outdoors. They are currently featured in 2 decorative events right now - a must visit! Details below :-)

Current SL Events:
The Instruments Event - (May 10th~25th) - TP Here!!
Love To Decorate (LTD) -  (May 12th~26th) - TP Here!!

Shabby Tabby for The Instruments (by Rosemaery Lorefield) - TP Here!! until May 25th
*Shabby* Magical Thinking Poufs *Gift*
*Shabby* Magical Thining Plants 1 & 2 
*Shabby* Magical Thinking Gypsy Stones
*Shabby* Magical Thinking Mirror
*Shabby* Magical Thinking Side Table
*Shabby* Magical Thinking Sofa
Shabby Tabby for LTD Event (by Rosemaery Lorefield) - New!! @ LTD until May 26th
*Shabby* Whiskey + lace Bench
*Shabby* Whiskey + Lace Chair
*Shabby* Whiskey + Lace Decor
*Shabby* Whiskey + Lace Pouf
*Shabby* Whiskey + Lace Shelf
Other Credits:
Home Building: Atelier Yllanys - Zephyros (by Yllanys Resident)

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