Sunday, August 30, 2009


The Newly Released BUTCH SHAPES

Check Out the Newly released Butch Shapes on Shiki. It is Jeckie Hax's first Stud/Butch Shapes upon customers request, and yes its already out in the market.

Dyke Shape

Ego Shape

The Shiki Shapes Main Store Location

The Shiki Shapes Store is also giving wonderful gifts to all its Shiki Shapes Group Members. So don't miss it! Join the group now and get the latest updates on the new shapes (wink.)

The Retro Summer Wear of SHIKI

The Shiki Design is giving out the Retro Summer Wear FREE to its Valued Group Members. I'm sure you wouldn't want to miss these lovely detailed outfits. Quality Clothing and Designs only at Shiki.

The Shiki Designs Main Store Location

Join the Shiki Designs Group and get these wonderful gifts only at Shiki.

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