Tuesday, February 9, 2010

NEW! Futuristic Empress Gown by Agnes Finney


Anges Finney of My Precious is one of the many imaginative creators in the Second Life. So when I get the chance to review her entry for the "Rezzable Future Is Now" event, I was thrilled. Her entry named Empress is truly one of the most unique ensembles I have seen. The first thing you notice is the elegant white wings with a circular golden support frame. The arrangement of the feathers and shape of this eye catching piece presents an image of a powerful and elegant angel with a hint of the proud elements of a peacock to complete the look.

Empress by Agnes Finney

When viewed from behind you will notice a wind up style mechanism which supports the wings. The next thing the eye is drawn to when viewing the Empress is the futuristic collar and beautiful bodysuit with a sexy diamond shaped cut from its center. Lastly as the eyes move down there is a bold flexi skirt which is much more like a train than a traditional full coverage skirt.


There is also an Empress 2 which trades the long flowing skirt for a more graduated spacer heroine skirt. When everything comes together the Empress projects an image of strength and femininity. Forget the images you may have of frumpy empresses from the past. In the Future the Empress by Anges Finney shows that we really can have it all.


I am wearing:
Empress Gown by Agnes Finney - NEW
Stiletto Moody Skyhigh Boot

On Body:
DeeTalez Skin April special 3 tan
Shiki Shapes by Jeckie Hax
Eyes by Nany Merlin

Poses Used:
Glitterati Poses

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