Tuesday, May 4, 2010

100L for a Fatpack of Gorgeous SKins? ! */me faints*

Miah McAuley, owner of the TikTok brand is having a BIG SALE on her 3 skin lines: Leila, Rene and Bunny. These skins have a wide range of varieties and features. There are different skin tones, make ups and optional cleavage enhancers on each of these skins. Now you can get all the fat packs of each for only L$100!!!! *faints LOL*

BIG SALE! Tiktok Skins - Leila

Above photos are the Leila skins in pale and tan tones in natural make ups. There are 4 skin tones for Leila: fair, pale, tan and dark and each skin has an optional cleavage enhancer. They also come in tons of make ups. Get a fat pack of each of these for only L$100!!! *faints*

BIG SALE! Tiktok Skins - Rene

Above photos are Rene in 4 skin tones: winter spring, summer and autumn. Each of these skins has a an optional cleavage enhancer skin layers with a wide varieties of make ups. Get a fat pack for only L$100!!! *faints*

BIG SALE! Tiktok Skins - Bunny

Above are Bunny skins in pale and Tan tones. Bunny skin line comes in 3 skin tones: Pale, Tan and Dark Tanned with a wide range of make ups. Each skin also comes with an optional breast enhancer skin layers and a front teeth showing features. Get a fat pack of these for only L$100!!!! *faints*

The Big Sale will end on May 9 and after then, these skins will no longer be sold in the main store. So hurry get yourself a fat pack on all of these skins for only L$100!!! *faints again XD*

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