Sunday, October 25, 2009

SHIKI Fall Fashion Show at KMADD

The Shiki Design's Fall Fashion Show at KMADD did go very well. It was an amazing custom made set, that gave us all a journey from traditional japanese style all the way to the city lights of Tokyo. Lights and effects were awesomely detailed.

The Mad Agency and staff did a great deal to make this event successful. This was held yesterday, October 24 at the Kmadd Sim. Shinichi Mathy features his Internatinal Fall and Winter Fashion Designs for 2009.

Here are some of the clothes featured at the show.

The Denim Suit for Men which is available in 5 stylish colors. This is a complete suit with sculpted collar, cuffs and bottom attachments. Can be worn for either formal or semi-casual. Just the right suit for any occassions.

Shiki Down Jacket, perfect for autumn and winter fashion. This goes with fur collar and different prim attachments. This Jacket is also now released in the main store.


The Cardigans. This comes in 2 versions, one in deep plain color and the other in printed texture. This has sculpted sleeves and undershirt layer that adds warmth to your avatar on this season.

The Shiki Coat. This coat comes in 3 shades: brown, indigo and midnight. Created in jacket layer with prim sleeves, collar, bottom and belt.

The Tartan Suit. This goes in complete set with detailed prim attachments. Soon to be released for this year's fall/ winter collection.

The Leather Tokyo Jacket. This Jacket layer has sculpted sleeves, flexi prim bottom and fur collar.

The Sweater in all layer and sculpted prim parts. This sweater has 5 color choices.

Tokyo Night Dress. Definitely one of my favorite with detailed prim parts.

Sheer Ecru dress. An elegant dress' golden hues and woven texture. This captivating look combinds the contrast of the shapely but slender dress fit, the gathered top, and the luxurious flared flexi bottom.

Cocktail Dress with bolero coat for women. This has sculpted collar and skirt attachments. Very sexy and has a dose of class and elegant fashion. This dress is best worn on parties or even on any semi-casual occassions. The cocktail dress is available in 5 eloquent colors.

The Crane Dress in elegant texture with detailed scarf, arm sleeves, belt and skirt attachments.

The Couture Long gown Vermillion. An elegant dress in detailed textures and prim parts.

The Suede Red Coat that has a sculpted bottom, belt and is trimmed in lush flexi fur.

The Oriental Dream Dress in print and different sculpted parts.

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