Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Fever

I bet you didn't even know it, but most probably you already own several Halloween costumes! Checking out my closet.
This is a photo of me and my hubby Liam, thinking he would really look scary on his ninja outfit [LOL.] Okay my outfit, from head to toe, is from Orage Creation's Pumpkin Hunt. Luckily, I was able to chance up and visit the store during the hunt event and voila! I grabbed these goodies.

Bewitched in violet has a furry gathered straws around the neck, sheer flair skirts, sexy tops and a wicked witch pointed hat smartly matched up with orange pumpkin boots. All of these are from the store's pumpkin hunt. I love the boots! It's nicely sculpted and can also be worn on different clothing occassions. The skin is the store's promo 50L only just for this year's Halloween.

Next is my official photo entry for the Cover With Style [CWS] Magazine's month of November Classic FaceCover Competition. Oh I just love competitions! It makes me excited and strives to do my best as a model and photographer. This contest was hosted by the Hollywood Walk of Fame Group by Anrol Anthony. My outfit was perfectly accentuated by Exodi, the Lily Vamped "First Blood" skin and Enraptured Eventide Fire Eyes of Aternia Afterthought.

During the competition, there was a random Q&A about the outfit we wore and why we chose it. "My outfit is consist of sexy bandages that cover me in just the right places to tease the imagination while making me look frightful at the same time. I choose this outfit because I like to play with the contrast between sexy and scary.  Wrapped up tight in bandages I feel like the sexiest mummy ever." - quoted by yours truly, while shaking and almost fainted out to death. Of course, there are more other girls who had the nicest and scariest costumes. The contest theme was Sexy and Scary, and I was one of the lucky top 10 contenders who got "in" for final runway last October 25th.

This GOTHIC outfit, LH_Grievous injury(No Blood) is from the Little Heaven mainstore's luckyboard of Chiko Duell. It's a Japanese store that caters awesomeness of gothic and wicked designs.

Here is my Punk Loli outfit from LoveKitty Store of Precious Mathy. She designs clothings, hair and accessories for both adults and kids avi. This outfit is a package full from top to bottom skirts, stockings, and detailed accessories.

My messy hair is from RedQueen store, you can also avail it at xstreetsl. It was featured promo for only 50L when I bought it. Happy Halloween!

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