Sunday, August 29, 2010

DEETALEZ (Latest Fashion Releases)

DeeTalez is out with new fashion releases this week. I had the chance to check on them last night before I went to sleep, and as always, I love them all! Steffi Villota never fails to make her clothings very detailed, crisp and stylish. All new from the store are these lady dress laces, tasty butt jeans, and Babydoll tops. There are lots of colors and prints to choose from and are available in almost all clothing layers.

DeeTaleZ Dresses ladies lace rose, skulls blue, skulls pink

Above: DeeTaleZ Dresses ladies lace rose (NEW); DeeTaleZ Dresses ladies lace skulls blue (NEW); DeeTaleZ Dresses ladies lace skulls pink (NEW); DeeTaleZ Pants tasty Butt Jeans lightblue (NEW); UBU Porn Star Lo-Tops; JD Designs Kisses Accessories (NEW); JD Black Nails STuds; HOD Agony Razor Piercings (NEW); TEKU-TEKU Hair; ASKA Shape; DeeTalez Skin; Poses used by Everglow Poses

DeeTaleZ Tops babydoll blue dots

I was also inspired to accessorize with JD Designs Kisses Accessories. A complete set from earrings, necklace and bracelets. I'm always a fan of JD's Accessories, they're very detail and expressive! So I kinda feel a little EMO in my photo. Perhaps, I was wondering what else I have missed in the Fashion world... or perhaps, I was thinking about my frustrations in RL for getting in between with my SL.. or could be the crazy bunny market that's been eating all our prims, my SL time and lindens LOL.

Liam says.. "NO MORE BUNNY FARMING!" lol

Liam finally had had enough.... and yells at me to stop these bunny farming! =) We yelled back at each other and say "Okay.. okay.. This has to STOP!" LMAO. By the way, I am loving this aDORKable Down on the Farm Pose prop. This can accumulate 3 Avatars and is sure a fun to make poses with friends. This and among other nice poses made by Adorkable Peapod are new and to be featured at Shoe Fair.

DeeTaleZ Tops babydoll blue dots & Tasty Butt Blue jeans

So here goes my LOTD. I love, love, love the DeeTalez Fashion.

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