Friday, November 12, 2010

Updatessss: Prim & Pixel

OMG its been ages again since my last post! LOL. I need to get a long updating on my blog. Anyway, pardon my being idle for too long; but since the summer is over, I think I'll have more time to blog now than before. Thanks to all designers who have been patient and continue to send review items despite my hectic schedules.

Prim & Pixel Ad-Holiday-Hostess_Gown1

Okay quick update... I'm still with the breedables lol. I know, I know its crazy but I'm really having fun. It's like everyday's a holiday, just like this featured gown I'm wearing by Prim & Pixel. Oh you gotta check on this dress. I love the textures and layers made they are very realistic.

Prim & Pixel Ad-Holiday-Hostess_Gown2

Just so you know, that this Holiday Package consist of a mother and child outfits. So if you are in a RP of a happy family in SL, this is a good treat for a mom and daughter esp this coming holiday!

You can also visit Prim & Pixel at the Winter Holiday Village HERE.

Style Card/ Credits:

Prim & Pixel Holiday-Hostess_Gowns (NEW) 
Amacci Hair Queenie ~ Hazelnut (NEW
EverGlow Poses

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