Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mark Your Calendar on SL's First Annual Sand & Sea Expo - May 2nd - 5th, 2013

 Hello Fellas! Just in case you haven't heard yet, the Second Life's First Annual Sand & Sea Expo will be in a week time. The Expo will run from May 2nd until the 5th. Mark your calendar as this is an event you wouldn't want to miss.

lotd 04.25.2013

Lots of gifts and surprises awaits you from the fabulous participating designers. Watch out for the Beachcomber Event. If you ever wonder what that means, visit the Official Blog of Sand & Sea Expo. This is definitely going to be exciting!

Official Press Release Photo - 2013 Sand & Sea Expo

The Second Life's Sand and Sea Expo is sponsored by Oceania Breedables. These are the beautiful mesh sea creatures with a unique model for each species. You can visit and have a look at these Breedables here.

Below are list of Official Participants of this exciting Event:

Oceania Breedables | ANA_Mations | {what next} | Fruit Islands | LISP | Jamy’s Shop | Jp Collections | Mermaid Treasure and Boutique | HeadHunter’s Island | SSS Southern Seas Ships | Swanky | Triumphal Yacht Club | Leeward Cruise Club | meadowWorks | Ocean Shores Surf Beach | Weston Marina | Hana Aloha Surfing Paradise | *BOOM* Clothing Co. | CVR | Bee Designs | Nantucket Yacht Club | Action | Deep Seas Mer Outfitters | NDiver | ***MnM Designs*** | TUFF Old Boats | MLCC | The Abyss Observatory | Aquatics | Fishers Island Yacht Club | Tideborns | KAZZA | Two Moon Paradise | CHEZ MOI Furnitures | Starboards Yacht Club | Hollywood Real Estate | THE Beachstore | Safe Waters Foundation | KittyCatS

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Cortez said...

Thanks for your post Aubrey! Looking forward to seeing you at the expo!!!