Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Royal Russian Christmas?

 The Oksana Russian Christmas Holiday Dress created by Raven Pennyfeather for RFyre is a tribute to the expert craftswomen of Russia. It is a dress that could easily be worn by royalty given the attention to detail seen in its design.


Rich velvety colors, beautiful embroidery, fine fur and leather are all part of what make this dress so special. The Oksana builds upon these elements by including  a fit for royalty necklace and a jewel encrusted crown.


The dress also comes with a long and shorter skirt. The long version is very elegant and reserved while the shorter version adds a burst of color for a festive look and feel. With both versions all in one box it would be a royal mistake to pass this one up.


Feel the magic of the holiday season with this beautiful ensemble from RFyre.


Ensemble includes: 
RFyre Oksana Womens :  Cuff Left; Cuff Right; Headress; Fur Collar; Shirt; Skirt in Long & Mid Length; Glitch Pants and Stockings.
 Available at House of RFyre or on XStreetSL.

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