Friday, June 12, 2015

The Soldier [Low Cost Full Perm Fashion]

The Soldier [Multi-sourced Full Perm Low Cost Fashion]

Last night I had fun role-playing as a soldier with my friends, Kitto Sosa and Junnin Twine. I really enjoy hanging out with them because we always seem to end up dressing in some kind of a themed outfit and exploring places that fits that theme. I’m wearing some full perm low cost fashions that I want to share with you like the mesh vest, helmet and combat shoes. I like that it is full perm because we made a few mods to the outfit to make our looks an extension of our personalities.

Different Setting
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While wearing these clothes, we felt kind of powerful but rather than things being super serious, we also had fun with the second life fashion.

What I'm wearing:

* Mesh Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Elegant

Skin: Pink Fuel
Eyes: ATIA | Azure Eyes | Gift Bag Main Entrance Free
Eyeliner: Angelle liquid eyeliner ~ black ~ medium ~ winged ~ | Free 
Hair: pr!tty | Sumi - [Brown 2] | Group Gift 0L$
Helmet: Mesh Prefabs & Stuff | Full perm Mesh Seal-Helmet 
Mesh Jacket Vest: Mesh Prefabs & Stuff | Full perm Mesh Jacket PSC
Combat Boots: Meli Imako Full Perm Mesh Men's Mid Calf Combat Boots
Goggles: *Dirty Lynx* Kimiko - Steampunk / Victorian / Air pirate Goggles
Army Jacket: *Ydea* Jacket w/ Shirt Fit MESH | Group Gift L$0 to Join 
Necklace: +grasp+ | Skull Necklace-womens | Group Gift L$0 to Join
Muffler: +grasp+ | Star patterned muffler | Group Gift L$0 to Join
Pants: Razor | Fem Baggy Cargo Faders
Leather Bag: [BUKKA] Leather bag | Past Gift Creator Yano Hyun

First Photo Pose Used: DESIRE Model Poses Free HERE
Location: The Wastelands

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