Monday, June 21, 2010

SL7B - Callie Cline Dream On!

SL7B - Callie Cline

While on my preview expedition for Second Life's 7th Birthday, I ran into a builder whose also a friend, Callie Cline, who was working on her collaborative exhibit. I snapped photos and interviewed her about her take on the past, present, and future. I also get to ask her birthday message for SL. In my few months as a blogger, I've always a fan of Callie's artwork as she did a great job on a winter sim last year. It was a fun experience to have had reviewed her work in the past. For SL7B, here's some photos of the magic you can see at Callie Cline's.

SL7B - Callie Cline

SL7B - Callie Cline

SL7B - Callie Cline

Above:  Yep that's me flying with a balloon that's part of the Callie's magic. 
It was hella fun! :D

Here's a brief interview I did with her:

ME:  Hello Callie :) I see from your profile that you have been here since 2005. What brought you to Second Life, and what was it like back then?

Callie Cline: A friend invited me to try it. I thought it was boring and was weird because there were Goreans and a lot of sex clubs and it was very hard to understand.

ME: As for the present, I see you are at the SL7B celebration. What is your contribution and what inspired what you are making?

Callie Cline: People and touching their lives are my inspiration.

ME: Looking forward, what do you think Second Life will become in the future and what would you like to see?

Callie Cline: I think SL will probably be smaller and I hope LL gets their vision back to just do business better caring for it's core customers.

ME: Lastly If you had a birthday message for Second Life, what would it be?

Callie Cline: My message would be, "May you have many more birthdays and may all the residents in SL realize that more of us are stronger then one of us and we all need each other to play an important part of the team." :)

- End of Interview -

Special thanks to Callie for taking the time to talk to me in the final hours before opening. Be sure to visit her exhibit at this landmark and when you get there, don't forget to use the teleporter to travel up  to her second level.

SL7B - Callie Cline

Have a Happy 7th Birthday celebration and if you see Callie,
tell her that Aubrey says hi! :)

caLLie cLine - dream on!, SL7B Enigma (66, 110, 21)

The SL7B Sim will open tomorrow,  
June 21st, 2010 at 10 am SLT


caLLie cLine said...

aww aubrey you're so sweet! i'm glad u enjoyed it! i don't think i've ever spoken less in an interview! so much RL stuff was going on! well ty again and i hope to see you very soon!

xoxo, caLLie

caLLie cLine said...

awww you're so sweet aubrey! im sorry i was so distracted! it was crazy at my home being father's day too! i don't think i've ever talked LESS in an interview haha! maybe that's good!

xoxo, caLLie

Aubrey Monday said...

thank you callie... you were my first interview and i was so excited.. i know you were very busy then but thank you for giving me the time and the opportunity...
hugs! ^^