Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Men Style #03 - ARMY GUY

Men Style #03 - ARMY GUY

Okay more hunt stuffs for men and I'm so excited to present to you this Army look :D Suddenly with all the kinds of hunt activity around the grid, a lot of gorgeous people were also reborn. Don't you just dream to be one of these fabulous, good looking men?

Men Style #03 - ARMY GUY

I say grab this chance for a total make over this Christmas. Many thanks to all genius and generous designers who are part of this Spirit of Giving :D

Men Style #03 - ARMY GUY


Jacket: [BedlaM] DIMH3 Hunt gift 0L$ Diamond vest male

Top Shirt w/ Belt: MOH 79 Bird Next Door 0L$ BND_Army Men Top

Pants: #24 [:Where is... HunT:]  (Poison) 0L$ Original jeans

Shoes: MOH 86  SPLASH (Snazzy shoes) 0L$

Skin: MOH 90  [: najl designs :] MOH - Karman 0L$

Tattoo: MOH 84   .:SS:. Spearsong 0L$

Hair: MENstuff Gift # 7 8 Bad@zz - 0L$ Brown #1 Medium

Beanie: MOH 50  Xplosion - 0L$ *X*plosion Beanie

Accessories: MOH 49    *JD*DESIGN 0L$

HFH #093 - *JD* DESIGN - 0L$ *JD*ARMBAND men black

Necklace: STWH  2# SPLASH - 0L$ Peace Necklace Male

Sunglasses: DIMH3 #013 Role Optic - 0L$ Bon 'Dawn' (mouth)

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