Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Shiki Designs features on Fabulous Fashion

Shiki Designs and store owner Shinichi Mathy was featured on fabulous fashion tv this evening. He was interviewed by Angie Mornington of Treet TV, wherein Shinichi tells us a story on how Shiki Designs started and what inspired him to do such a unique fashion clothing.

Shinichi Mathy is a japanese designer born in Japan, but raised in Hawaii. Thus, making him a bilingual and fluent in english. And would you believe that his first design was only inspired by a bouquet of flowers given to him by a friend? Such an interesting story can't wait to see the live footage to be featured on fabulous fashion tv dot com.

Way to go Shiki. おめでとうございますShinichi we are proud of your achievements...☺

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