Monday, March 14, 2016

Cute Stuff! Free Stuff! Spring Stuff! :D

We are Ready for Spring!
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We're ready for Spring! My twin and I are on our Spring Overall outfits by BabyBurp. And guess what?! We got these outfits for free wooohoo! The other color options were purple, brown and blue but because we both love pink, we just wear the pink color together.

On a different note, Tamagosenbei is participating at the Alternative event which opens on April 3rd. They have prepared a colorful Harujuku Day/Night Hair clips. The event is mainly focused on M3 anime, Avatar 2.0 and Kemono. I bet many of you anime lovers, including myself, are already excited about this, right? So stay tuned as I will likely blog more info in the future posts. :D

What We're Wearing:
* Tamagosenbei Harujuku Day/Night Hair clips (by Mizugomo Resident) New!! @ Alternative Event 
(This event will start on April 3rd and sim location will only be accessible at the opening date.)
~Items as Worn on Pic: Face Stickers, Heart Paper Clip, Flower Pin Base, Rabbit Plush hair, Hair clip pink.~
* Nose: Tamagosenbei Snot (by Mizugomo Resident) | Gacha L$18 per play
* Nose: Tamagosenbei Snot Bubble (by Mizugomo Resident) | Gacha L$18 per play
* Shape: Kimiko Shape, Eyes, Braces - New @ Marketplace
Skin: .::Mother Goose's::.Lime_1L (by milok Hermit)
* Hair: CriCri-Bon10-All by Aska Watler
Ears: **Cute Bytes** BabyElven Ears (by Bit McMillan)
Mesh Body: Toodledoo Body - KID - Girl (by Bit McMillan)
Outfit: {BB} - beary overall blush [B] (by SamanthaFaye Resident) - Free L$0 @ Heritage Adoption
(Outfit includes Easter bucket, garden clogs, and Dirt tattoo.)

* Poses Used: BellePoses - Emma (by JackBiGGirl Resident)

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