Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Shabby Tabby, Roulette, LTD Event, Unknown Hunt, The Instruments (April Rounds)

Shabby Tabby, Roulette, LTD, Unknown Hunt
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Here you can see my Fortress of Serenity. This is where I go when I need some quiet time to relax and get away from the stress of everyday life. As you can see from the picture, it is a very pretty and calming area. I would recommend that everyone get themselves a place similar to this where they can go to retreat from their problems if they don't already have one.

Current SL Events:
Roulette Event - (April 3rd~23rd)
The Unknown Hunt - (April 9th~30th) 
LTD Event - (April 12th~26th)
The Instruments - (April 11th~25th) Theme - Urban Code
Fameshed Event - (April round ends on the 27th)
* Little Branch -MP- Bouton D'or {Fields} (by Cari McKeenan) - New!! @ Fameshed Event ends April 27th
* Shabby Tabby (by Rosemaery Lorefield) - Exclusive!! @ The Instruments until April 25th
*Shabby* Antwerp Rug (by Rosemaery Lorefield)
*Shabby* Antwerp Table (by Rosemaery Lorefield)
*Shabby* Limbourg Stool (by Rosemaery Lorefield)
*Shabby* Limbourg Tapestry (by Rosemaery Lorefield)
* Shabby Tabby (by Rosemaery Lorefield) - Exclusive!! @ LTD Event until April 26th
*Shabby* Otobe Table (by Rosemaery Lorefield)
*Shabby* Otobe Stool (by Rosemaery Lorefield)
*Shabby* Otobe Tealight 1-5 (by Rosemaery Lorefield)
*Shabby* Otobe Tiles (by Rosemaery Lorefield)
*Shabby* Otobe Vases (by Rosemaery Lorefield)
*Pastiche* Classic Twig Vase (by Jynx Rae) - Unknown Hunt until April 30th
*Pastiche* Vintage Family Photos (by Jynx Rae) - Unknown Hunt until April 30th
* [NC] - Spathiphyllum Vase (by andycool90 Resident) - Unknown Hunt until April 30th
* Frayed Knot - Corner stand 1 (by 6Astoria6 Resident) - Exclusive!! @ Roulette Event until April 23rd
* %Percent - Fritz African Violets *MESH* (by Plato Novo)
* %Percent - Fritz Cabinet *MESH* (by Plato Novo)

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