Thursday, January 28, 2016

Pre-Valentine Party & Early White Day Presents

Pre-Valentine Slumber Party
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My friends and I were decorating for a pre-valentine party, but we got caught in the middle and ended up doing something else. I was stuffing on donuts, Junnin is busy courting his girl, while my other 2 friends Zoltan were surfing the internet! Duh Oh, please excuse the mess! (◑‿◐)

Chocon's Valentines & White Day
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Chocon has new group gifts out for Valentines Day (Feb Gift) and White Day (March Gift.)  I don't know in other countries but here in Japan, men usually get the presents first on Valentine while women get theirs on the following month, we call it "White Day." Not quite fair because I won't be receiving any gifts until next month. (⋋▂⋌)

Home Decor:
* Wall: *Shabby* XOXO W/Cord by Rosemaery LorefieldKey to My Heart Hunt Jan 20 - Feb 16th
* Lanterns: Dysfunctionality - [DDD] Lovey Lanterns by Anke Hatchuk
Chocon Tororo Tea Set (Valentine & White Day) by olLEONlo - New Group Gift L$200 to Join
* Fiasco - Sailing Away Chairs & Table by EllissDi
HY's House / pone-gacha* 2. lemon by hitsu Ruby - Gacha L$65 per play
-Hanaya- Spring Has Sprung Basket [mesh] by Moriko Inshan - Spring Group Gift L$250 to Join
MuddPuddles: Xmas Deer Gift by IsabellRaven
Essences - Kawaii Toast Pillow by Inka Mexicola
[Zombeh Panda] LLJ2015 - Clock by October Ronas
Little Llama - Mr. Meow Clock - Pink by Persey Garcia
Kylee's Place - I Love Paris Frame by kyleesadiehopkins - Group Gift L$0
"La petite fleur" Record shelf by yukineko Jewell
{Aya} Modern Shelf + Books by Aya Mactavish
Con.&floorplan. lazy chair by ValiantCo
:BAMSE: Box of goodies by LiamZander
Fawny - My little puppy - Past Gift @ n21 by AkiraKiyoi

Poses Used:
Little Moments - Birthday Kiss by Lecia Jigsaw
Glitterati - Laptop by Katey Coppola @ Marketplace
Kuso - sit poses and animation by daiz Papp

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