Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Pillow Fight! :D

I won the Pillow Fight! :D
Fashiowl Pillow Fight Bed

Tonight I was at a sleepover with little Liam and I completely ambushed him. The poor guy didn’t see it coming, he couldn't even pick up a pillow before I whacked him one lol! We ate pizza and cookies before settling down to tell ghost stories. Liam was bored by my stories I guess because he fell asleep.

Since it was just me, I got on the computer to play Second Life. Just like my real life, I fell asleep at the screen. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve woken up with keyboard keys imprinted on my forehead. Anyway it was a fun night. I love slumber parties! :D

Sleepyhead at the PC! :D
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Above photos are two of the latest poses created by Fashiowl for the Mesh Avenue event. The first and second photo is called Fashiowl Pillow Fight Bed set. It has 4 couple poses with mesh bed and pillows included. The third photo is called Fashiowl SL Love set with 4 female poses and a mesh desk, pc and decor included. You can get each of these set for only 250L$.

* 1st & 2nd Photos: Fashiowl Pillow Fight Bed set | New @ Mesh Avenue Event
* 3rd Photo: Fashiowl SL Love set | New @ Mesh Avenue Event

What We are Wearing:

* Eyes & Custom Shape: {faces n curves} Marketplace
Skin: Mothergoose | Luckyboard Free Skins
Toddler Mesh Body: Loki Avatar - Toddler 1.1 | Free L$0
Little Aubrey's Hair: Dura | Group Gift L$0
Little Liam's Hair: [bade] Hairbase - Almost Black | Free L$0
Pajamas: V4 Loki Pajamas | Free L$0

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