Thursday, May 27, 2010

Basic Element's Kenroy Skybox

 Lately, I have been actively looking for a new home.  I wanted something that is modern and isn't too big. Then I come across this Basic Element's Kenroy Skybox. I figured its perfect for me and my hubby and our children (bunnies and the pugs :D) While Liam was sleeping, I tore down a house we agreed on and I got to work setting up and decorating this one. It comes with well designed seating areas both inside and outside of the house as well as an intimate bedroom. There is a bed in there with several romantic and even erotic poses for couples. You can also use an atmosphere controller to invite dragonflies to fly around the garden or encourage a summer rain.

Basic Elements: Kenroy Skybox

I was really concerned that Liam would be upset because we already agreed on another house and we did some work decorating on that one. I should have been a bit more confident in my knowledge of what we both like though because he really loved it. He especially likes the rain and how compact the house is. We both value compact minimalist modern designs so it's a cute house for us. Go check it out... I think you'll like it too.

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