Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ruru@Pino - A Magical Store

I have always been a huge fan of Ruru@Pino because of the wonderful gifts they have last summer hunt. But this time, she didn't join the chimney. So I wondered why and decided to check on her store and the next thing I know, I have been transformed into a young pretty neko XD.

She still has all the nicest stuffs I like. From the magical wardrobe down to the cutest accessories, her store has it all. My looks for today is all FREE. Yay! I didn't even spend a single linden. This beautiful white dress I have on is a lucky board gift at her store and the white tail is a FREEBIE.

The winter paw boots I have on is a 20 mins camp gift. Oh yes! I camped for it while I cam-wandered on her store LOL. But that's also because the camp pose is so interesting, its the above photo shown. You have to hop on that huge butterfly picture frame and pose like that. Simply amazing!


But really, everything in her store is a total awesome-Ness. If there's even a word like that hehe. I promise you won't regret a visit because she simply has it all. The beautiful hair with a flower cap is also a freebie but from another store. If you like this style, check on store TPs below. =D



Dress: Lucky Board - Ruru@Pino
Tail: FREE - Ruru@Pino
Boots: 20 mins Camp Gift - Ruru@Pino
Hair with Flower Cap: ++AY.LinE++ Holly[[Komugi]] - FREE
Ruru@Pino Monarch EARS - Summer Gift
Eyes: [Plastik]-JadedCollection-Heart-Watermelon
Pose: Izumiya Poses - FREE

Hey I'm also camping for a cute bag here for 10 minutes. I did it while I'm blogging LOL but that's another story. =D


rikoyan said...

hi :) I'm owner of Ruru@Pino!
beautiful & nice photo!

have a good day !thank you :*))

Aubrey Monday said...