Monday, May 31, 2010

NEW! Beautiful Sabrina Skin & Group Gifts

NEW! Sabrina

Above: TikTok Sabrina SKin - Medium - Insomnia Make up

TikTok has just released a beautiful skin named Sabrina. She is the confident woman you might meet while standing in line at you're neighborhood coffee shop. She carries herself well and is just as pleasant to look at as she is to talk to. She'd make a good friend or a good lover. Anyway, I like this skin because with all of the makeups and tones, I can come up with different looks for my mood. It's such a nice skin I think I will use it for awhile.

NEW! Sabrina Skin [Dark]

Sabrina comes in 3 tones: light, medium and dark with 7 different make ups. I'm wearing the dark tone for the preview of different make ups. They also come with a cleavage enhanced clothing layer for each skin tone. What you will notice right away on Sabrina is the pigmented features on the face.... they are very photo-realistic. Among the skins I have reviewed from TiktOk, this is definitely a fave for me.

NEW! Sabrina Skin [Dark]

Along with the new skin release, a special make up is also featured as a group gift. If you join the store group, you get this special make up in 3 skin tones, also come with a cleavage enhanced layer on each tone.

NEW! Sabrina Skin - group gift

Above: TikTok Sabrina Skin - Special Make up in 3 skin tones set as Group Gift. Also comes with enhanced cleavage layer. Join the group to get these skins.

NEW! Sabrina

 I am definitely happy with this new skin release.
Go try free demo.

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I Wear:
Bikini: ::HH:: Hucci Tropical Wave Bikini - Sex on the Beach 
Eyes: Amacci Real Eyes ~ Golden Green Big
Lashes: Amacci ~ Eyelashes "Allure" - Black
Shape: Aska Shape  
Hair: Exile Sadie/ash

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