Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Welcome to SL GrandChild! XD

Finally She/He is here..... Our First GrandChild <3

 Oh Thank God. Finally, the long wait is over. It's here!!! Our first born grandchild LOL. We went through a long way waiting and thinking of ways to boost their levels. Priorly, I even babysitted Uncle Jon (the male bunny) for a couple of hours just to boost up his happiness level lol. But finally, we made it!

We are Grand Parents now LOL!

We are now grandparents! :)) Neither of us ever had a good sleep yet. We were very excited while waiting for the nest... just like real grandparents XD. We don't know yet what its gender since it needs an hour to finally hatch but there, we finally made it! The long wait is over. *and me hopes for more lol*


 Welcome to SL our dear grandchild. From our children Pretty Mika (mother) and Uncle Jon (father.) 

Celebrate woohoo!

Now I can have a good sleep! :D

Our children are from the Ozimals
LOL I forgot the 2 pugs in the family photos=)
Well then maybe next time! :))

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