Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It's May Madness Week At Phoenix Rising!

Phoenix Rising: May Maddness-VIP White Coco Chanel Tribute Gift

This week, Phoenix Rising wants to reward its customers and will be hosting a series of sales, reward opportunities and gifts for its customer base. Phoenix Rising have placed amazing Gifts for the customers out at the Entrance of the Store. So don't forget to subscribe to get these Gifts for they will only be given to group members in the future. Being a Subscriber, you will have exclusive information to sales and other events with the brand. And Starting of tomorrow, May 5th until the 12th, Phoenix Rising will be giving a gift card to a person who signs up 10 friends or more. Send a nc with the names of the friends you have referred and that signed up onto the subscriber. Phoenix Rising will check to make sure the names are in the subscriber, and then will pass you a giftcard as a reward. This offer will end on Saturday, Wednesday on the 12th of May 2010.

For just signing up, you get a chance in a draw to win up to 5000L$ Giftcard. Phoenix Rising will be giving away 20 Giftcards to its  valued Subscribers on May 12th.

Phoenix Rising: May Maddness-VIP White Coco Chanel Tribute Gift

Read on to the next event. On Thursday May 6, don't miss your chance on the "BUY TWO GET ONE FREE." Phoenix Rising's retail items with creators Ashoka Eales and Danial Guisse, will be offering a "Buy-two-get-one-FREE" on all their Products. Buy TWO colors of One Vendor and Receive the Third Color for FREE!

On Friday May 7, Phoenix Rising will be placing several Vendors marked as FREE. Customers may Hunt down this item and Purchase  it for Free. Of course, there will be no hint as to which Vendors are marked Free but, You will sure enjoy the Free Vendor HUNTING! This hunt will end Exactly at 12pm slt.

On Saturday May 8, Special Group Gifts will be distributed as well as announcement of fabulous surprises to all its Customers. Make sure you have subscribed to get this news. Also, throughout the week, you can select items for SL Daily Deals and they will be Marked down to 10% - 20% - 25% and on Thursday 50% OFF. New items will also be marked down everyday. So if you are an SLDD Shopper, make sure you look for the SLDD signs and Shopper registration so you can learn how to save Everyday at the Phoenix Rising and all other brands.

Phoenix Rising: May Maddness-VIP White Coco Chanel Tribute Gift

 And if you are wondering about this gorgeous gown I'm wearing, it's the Phoenix Rising's White Coco Chanel Tribute VIP Gift. So hurry join in the store's Subscribo Now! :D

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Phoenix Rising VIP White Coco Chanel Tribute Gift
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