Saturday, May 15, 2010

MiX! Group Gift, Money Fever Game, Bid Boxes, LOW, and Grid Hunt Items

[LI] Looking Glass - Group Gift

Above is the Looking Glass outfit featured as Group Gift by Lemania Indigo Designs. This dress if anything, features the evil side of Cinderella's Looking Glass in a fun way. This complete ensemble includes hair accessories, collar, top, glitch pants, prim sleeves, stockings, prim skirts and a matching pumps. This will be available throughout a week so hurry get one! TP HERE

[LI] Halle Berry in Pink on Bid Box starts at 1L

Above is Halle Berry in Pink outfit. It's one of Lemania Indigo's bid box dresses which means, that for the next 30 days, once a day will come up on the bid box starting at 1L and will sell to the highest bidder of the day. Only 30 persons will get it and possibly for rock bottom prices! TP HERE

[LI] 40s Picnic on Bid Box - Starts at 1L

Above is the 40's Picnic outfit. This is also featured in the Bid Box for this month starting at 1L. Only 30 chances to get this dress. TP HERE

[LI] Sailing Box - Money Fever Game

Above is the Sailing casual outfit. This is featured in today's Money Fever game for only 1L. At your purchase, it also gives you a chance to win 50L when target sales are met. The runner shoes is included in this set. TP HERE

[LI] Robin Red Breast Box featured in LOW -  Letter of the Week

Above is the Robin Red Breast outfit featured in Lemania's Letter Of The Week. For only 100L, you get this cute shirt, jeans, vest and shoes. TP HERE

[LI] Yummy Lime - Fashion Freak Hunt [FFH #070]

Above is Lemania Indigo's grid hunt item for the Fashion Freak Hunt.  This hunt has just started and will run until June 15.  
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[LI] Peaceful Sleep - Fallen Angel Hunt Item [FAH #114]

 Above is Lemania Indigo's grid hunt gift for the Fallen Angel Hunt. This hunt also has started and will end on June 30. Happy Hunt day!  
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