Saturday, May 8, 2010

Miamai's 1st Birthday with a Spring Sale

Miamai_One year with Miamai_30%off sale

Avail at these Special SALE Gift Cards that Miamai Fashion is offering to celebrate its 1st Birthday! This special giftcard gives you the privilege of a 30% discount on any item you like to purchase at Miamai Mainstore. They are transfer, as all the giftcards are, so its also great to give them as gifts.

Miamai_Khari Red

 This is a limited 2 Day Spring SALE, 
so hurry get at these whenever you can :D

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I Wear:
Miamai Khari Red - NEW
-Glam  Affair - Sofia Tan skin - make up 7
.::Secrets Hair::. Felicia II - Charcoal
Mandala Takara nails/rings

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