Monday, May 3, 2010

Edgy Hairstyles... But No Longer A Secret :D

.::S::. Secrets Hair

Syndel Daviau handed me the latest available colors of their Secrets Hair Shop. If you are up to some edgy and fancy looks, then you better check on these colorful and punk hairstyles by Secrets Hair. When I tried it on, I was mesmerized and inspired to go to edgy styles again XD. Apart from the introductions of their new colors, I like the hair styles itself. There are tons! I thought I would love to have them all in the natural hair colors also! =))

.::S::. Secrets Hair

Above photos are the new punk rock colors in Felicia II hair. The new Punk Rock colors red, myriad, punk and rainbow. Apart from these colors, I like the braided style in this hair. The braids are sexy and stylish esp in long hair.

.::S::. Secrets Hair

 Above are the new northern colors in Felicia I hair. They are colors beach, carrot, egg and orange. All these hair are menu driven in size and textures in accessories.  So its easy for them to adjust in your head and modify. They are also friendly lag coz there's also a deletion of script in the menu, right after you have modified them.
.::S::. Secrets Hair

Oh yes! There are tons of hairstyles you can find at this Hair Shop. All these styles has the new 8 color versions but I'm wearing the sexy red Jenna outfit by KAT, so I wear all the red from the new punkrock colors. Above photos are the hairstyles Alicia, Felicia II and Elena.

.::S::. Secrets Hair

Above photos are hairstyles Iris, Hannah and Gwen.
All in red color!

.::S::. Secrets Hair

Above are hairstyles Destiny, Belle II, and Cassidy.
All in red color.

The Secrets Hair Shop were inspired to make these new colors due to unanimous customers requests. They are up and available now in the main store. Go try free demo!:D

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I Also Wear:
KAT Jenna - red (skirt)
Stiletto Moody Bare Robin (ColorSet)
- .HoD. - Scathed - Smite [Female] - NEW
- .HoD. - Lure - Smite [Female] - NEW
.:Periquita Trash Ring Earrings  
JD Nails Black Studs

On Body:
Garage Skin emo makeup ton-3
Shapes by Jeckie Hax
Amacci Eyelashes "Allure" Black 
Kanival Tattoo - Oriental Flower 

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