Friday, November 4, 2011

Lady Bug Vs Lady Bee

If you were to choose between a Lady Bug and a Lady Bee, what will you be? Personally, I would choose to be a lady bug. Because I like the color red than the yellow (lol) and the lady bug seem to be more friendly than the bees right?

The Lady Bug

But for whatever it is, men would definitely love either of these ladies esp if they are worn as lingeries like these ones I'm wearing by Reasonable Desires. This could just be a perfect way to entice your partner lol.

The Lady Bug

Oh here comes the Lady Bee. My friend personally likes the Bee as he said its a lot more prettier and sexy than the Bug. But hey, you can be both of them. After all they're only 99L$ a set woot!

The Lady Bee

You can go get both these lingeries here:

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