Thursday, November 24, 2011

Something Cute & Sweet

Today's look is something cute and sweet. I love my little kid avi so much that I'd refuse to grow up hehe. I was able to pull out my fave sweater and tights to keep me warm in this Fall season.

lotd 2011.11.24

Right here in my planet where I live, its undeniably getting colder esp at night. We would normally reach at about 9-18 degrees in the weather. So this look is just perfect for us who live in the 4 season world.

lotd 2011.11.24

Also you might want to check out on this nicely sculpted belt by Bukka. It's fully packed with a bag, water holder and an ipod. Not only that, it has more magic in it like a personal private skybox rezzer for your dress changing needs. Thumbs up to the idea!

lotd 2011.11.24

If you see me fully packed like a girl scout, but mind you I'm not that heavy in scripts at all. I checked my scripts, I'm at only 2.97 MB of Region RAM. I guarantee that you can freely walk with cuteness and style.

What I am Wearing:

d. Select Tops long winter sweater white snowflakes - New
d. Select Pants wool tights black norway - New
DeeTaleZ Pants summer jeans shorts blue
DeeTalez Armwarmer Black
[BUKKA] DoubleMetalBelt WhiteSnake
Shoes - Pure 1.3 Sneakers
Skin & Shape - NMJ Skin & Shape
Hair - =TEKUTKEU= anne2_side(cream)
[ a.e.meth ] - Tasty Lipgloss (Bubblegum)
Eyes - ::Umedama Holic: KOi-Blue
Poses - Everglow Poses

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