Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hucci Celebrates the Independence Day!

 ::HH:: Hucci Xotic Dress - Lime & 

Above: Hucci Xotic Dress - Lime & white; Hucci Gold & Wood Bangle; Dark Mouse Wood Earrings; - .HoD. - Spite Piercing  (Worn On Mouth); Alisson Hair Blonde; amaama+boots 001

Hello Everyone! Hucci is releasing more fashions for us. Two of them are in celebration of US independence day on July 4th and one is in celebration of sexiness XD. Actually all of them are sexy...

::HH:: Hucci Xotic Dress - Kitty

Above: Hucci Xotic Dress - Kitty
On above photos, I'm wearing a sizzling dress named Xotic. It's got a nice flowing feeling of connectedness into it. It comes with a fashionable beaded necklace that connects at the sculpted centerpiece.

::HH:: Hucci 4th of July Short & Dress Sets 2010

Above: Hucci 4th of July Short & Dress Sets 2010
Next is a USA flag inspired bikini top, booty shorts and a mini dress set. I like this one because it is a sexy and patriotic for US citizens to celebrate their Independence day. Now its time to be sexy, independent and to fly your colors. When you look this good there is some chance you'll be lighting some fireworks of your own.

Happy Independence Day USA!

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