Friday, July 9, 2010

NEW! Phoenix Rising Lingerie Set 2

-Phoenix Rising-Queen (Grass)

Above: -Phoenix Rising-Queen (Grass)

Phoenix Rising is turning up the heat in our bedrooms again with new lingeries. There are lots! All are beautifully draped and perfect fitting for framing the female body.  Each pieces has a complete different style that is a well textured with classic sexy bodice and garter belt combination. These lingerie are inviting and will tease your partner as if they are under your spell. I think the appeal is that it takes this iconic look and marries it to the person who is most dear in your partner's eyes. You'll feel elegant and ready for your special evening when you wear these lingeries. Either way, you'll have a great experience with Phoenix Rising.

Phoenix Rising Lingerie Set 2
Above: -Phoenix Rising-Lust (Magenta); -Phoenix Rising-Lust (Emerald); -Phoenix Rising-Envy (Mint) - ALL NEW

 Phoenix Rising Lingerie Set 2

Above: -Phoenix Rising-Queen (Black); -Phoenix Rising- Taunt (Pink); -Phoenix Rising- Sin (Forest) - ALL NEW

Phoenix Rising Lingerie Set 2

Above: -Phoenix Rising-Envy (Lilac); -Phoenix Rising- Impression (Rose); -Phoenix Rising- Sin (Magenta) - ALL NEW

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