Sunday, July 4, 2010

TKO (New Items)

 A Total Knock Out Fashion or TKO, formerly known as DYN Clothing, has lots of new items in store for us. I'm wearing some of my favorite colors from this brand. They are simple but fun and sassy outfits. I like the slogan tanks, there could be more fun prints of this. Go pick up yours at this landmark.

**TKO** Linzi Top - Golden & Brody Jeans - Black
Above: TKO Linzi Top Golden & Brody Jeans Black (New); - .HoD. - Bitten Piercing v3  - Razor - Female (New); Amacci ~ Eyelashes "Allure" - Black; Amacci Real Eyes ~ Blue & Brown Big; *ARGRACE* Baseball Cap -Relaxed ponytail -Blonde; *Linc* Wraps Tattoo; Dark Mouse Wood Earrings; *Ticky Tacky* Starlight Corsage - Black (New)

**TKO** Slogan Tanks & Denim Shorts

Above: TKO Slogan Tanks & Denim Shorts

**TKO** Pick'N'Mix

Above: **TKO** Pick'N'Mix

Poses Used:
EverGlow Poses

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