Saturday, July 10, 2010

CandyDoll New Releases

 Candy Doll

CandyDoll has recently released a summery tanks named Laceme and sexy mini Jinny Skirts. I'm so lovin' all the colors and the skirts pattern are all cute! They also come in all layers you'll surely goin' to love to wear these.

Candy Doll Jinny SKirt and Laceme tanks 

What I'm Wearing:

*CandyDoll* Laceme Tank top (New)
*CandyDoll* Jinny Skirts (New)
2REAL Pure Sneakers
=EkoEko= hair stan (gray)
Dark Mouse Wood Earrings
Mariposa: Bangles Animosity - Silver

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BeccaLicious said...

i love how its look your new blog layout :D
nice pagee