Friday, January 15, 2010

NEW! Hot Fashion Releases by DeeTaleZ

There's a lot of new, hot and sizzling releases by DeeTalez. I'm totally digging on this one coz they're so gorgeous and so deliciously sexy, like these wraped dresses I have on. This dress comes in all clothing layers including sheer layers with a lot of optional styles. You can wear them boldly showing off more skins, or you can teasingly wear them in sheer layers with pasties. 


Next, they have these mini skirt jeans in all total awesomeness! These too come in many optional style layers, like with or without suspenders and they are available in many various colors.

This mini tops I have on with laces below are also a must have. They're simple, cute and features a white sheer lace underneath. They have also a wide range of styles of nylon stockings that can go clean, ripped off, or wear just one leg to give some fashion statement.


DeeTalez has also introduced this Riding overall tweed outfit. This one comes with prim cuffs with an optional body lace on the front. This outfit is also available in many clothing layers and styles. You can wear them on a total different look, mix or match them up with your fave wardrobe.

Finally, the thick knit sweater I wear on the upper photo right. This sweater comes in all layers with really nice textures. They are also available in many patterns and designs. I think I just found all my favorite clothing styles in DeeTalez.


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