Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Scribble Outfit by Graceful Lily

The Scribble dress by Graceful Lily is a regal winter outfit. When I wear this one, I imagine that I have just arrived at a winter party in Europe.  I like the way the lacy top contrasts with the solid color of the flexi skirt, tights and fur. Of course the most notable feature is the large warm hat with a decorative feather. This hat is what gives the outfit its refined appearance.  Now I just have to find a party to wear it to.

The Scribble package contains a flexi skirt, system skirt, neck and wrist fur, sculpty belt, scribble stay ups and tights, scribble shirt, transparent undershirt and a winter hat with brooch and feather. There are a lot of interesting and notable outfits by Graceful Lily
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