Saturday, January 23, 2010

Scylla Bounty Hunter by Nardcotix

Nardcotix has introduced their featured item in the "Rezzable 2010: The Future is Now" event which will begin this Sunday. This is the Scylla Bounty Hunter outfit with heavy duty front zip, long sleeve, turtle neck leotard made from the leather of an alien reptile for stylish function. They come in all layers with a prim belt, forearm and shoulder padding for that little extra protection. Great outfit for role playing.


If you are that Hunter in you, you can get this outfit this Sunday at the Greenies Rezzable Point.

Style Credit:
-NX-Nardcotix Scylla Bounty Hunter Outfit - NEW 
M'z Lace up boots

- .HoD. - Spite Piercing Special Edition
Square v3 Long Glitter Studio Nails

Ugly Duck Chani Henna skin
Shiki Shapes by Jeckie Hax 
[Tea Lane] Electric Green Eyes
-Oj-Wind-Green Hair

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