Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Moloko's Tats & Piercings =D

Hey guys! Check on these awesome tattoos and piercings by Jolita Korobase of Moloko. The store has a wide range of coolness urban tats and accessories. I'm wearing 3 of their most recent tats and 2 face piercings.

The piercings are kinda interesting because they feature an emo heart and a gothic skully on the lip part and I totally like it! =D

Style Credits:
DeeTalez Wrap Dress
Ubu Porn star Lo Tops
Moloko Piercings & Tats

Lawsonia Tattoo features a gothic flowers with feathers and the likes. These tats come in all clothing layers.

This is one of my fave among them, the chinese lyrics tattoo. The tat almost wrap your skin. This one also come in all clothing layers.

Finally, the starlight tribal. This one has also a colored star version around the belly and they too come in all clothing layers.

Visit Moloko Main Store HERE.

Poses Used:
Izumiya | Glitterati | Flowey | Everflow


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