Saturday, January 9, 2010

NEW! Platinum Edition: Amber Pump Shoes by Pixel Mode <3

Pixel Mode has this new released item, the Platinum Edition Amber pump shoes. Simple and stylish in detailed sculpties with a skin changing hud. The hud has 5 preset skin tones for easy use access, but of course you can always customize it on your favored skin tone and they are very easy to use.

 These amber shoes are also resizable via menu and they come in 12 juicy colors for only 550L$ each. Fat packs are greatly discounted.


 I so love to match and coordinate my shoes with my dress. Amber shoes are best worn on any type of dresses, whether cocktail, casual or formal. You see, they simply give good compliments on my Shiki Cocktail Dress. Go try your demo now.


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