Thursday, January 21, 2010

NEW Sexy Releases by DeeTalez!

Steffi Villota, designer of DeeTalez has just launched another set of new releases. First is this SHY skin which comes from natural to freckled and artistic make ups. Each skin pack consists of a hairbase skin version, a shape, an eyebrows and a facelight. A breast enhancer in clothing layer can also be purchase separately. I like how the make ups vary on this skin esp the glitter. I think its really gorgeous.


Apart from the new skin, a set of sexy bodysuits and jeans are also released. My photos below show the different colors and styles to wear this. The bodysuits come in all clothing layers for mix and match convenience, plus a lace version is also included.

The new pants come in skinny and in bootcut styles with leg prim cuffs included. They are available in solid and print colors. Another add up to my clothing addiction I am sure you too will love this DeeTalez Styles.


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