Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sexy Black-Chrome Chair/Stool by Shameless Bits!


Put some shake and sizzle into your relationship with this black chrome chair with a dance animation for your partner by Shameless Bits. This also plays a music when the champagne bottle is clicked for that perfect enticement, wherever you may want it to lead. Available on store's Midnight Mania Board. Lock it down folks! =D

PS. It's my BFF Crimson sitting on the chair and I think he really enjoys my dancing XD! =D


Jin Ugimachi said...

I TOTALLY ENJOYED IT!!! Haha! Cheers! Give me a little more drink and I'll be tipsy enough to...errrm....ermmm...well...*coughs*

- Jin Ugimachi

Aubrey Monday said...

lmaooooo haha..