Saturday, June 12, 2010

Summer Break

Hi Everyone :)

Summer is here so I will be quite a bit more busy. This means that I will have less time to blog. I wont be going away entirely but I'll be posting much less often. For all of you designers out there, it's probably best if you contact me first before sending items. That way you will know if I have the time to give your products the spotlight they deserve. If you just send me stuff it might sit in my closet for awhile before I can get to it and I'd rather give you an up or down answer as to if it will get blogged soon. If you do go ahead and send something without checking, just know it might be awhile.

I thank you for your kind understanding and I look forward to working with you all in the future. Just so you know everything is fine, things just got very busy lately. Any more questions, just drop me a notecard in world.


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